Bonita Springs Little League: Welcome

This weeks TOC games


As President of Bonita Springs Little League, I would like to thank each player that played here this year....

I hope to see all of you back in the Fall....



Thank you to everyone that filled out an All Star application and came to the tryouts.... 

Congratulations to all our All-Stars!!!!!

8,9,10 BB All-Stars            10,11,12 BB All-Stars           Jr. BB All-Stars                            10,11 SB All-Stars

#23 Black, Noah              #10 Black, Austin              #12 Ammons, Hunter                        #8 Coburn, Jayden

#13 Castillo, Eric             #24 Ennis, Ryan                #23 Argabright, Seaver                    #18 Baker, Leah

#12 Cruz, Jerry               #13 Estrada, Xavier         #01 Cobb, Gavin                                 #21 Schatzman, Libertie

#3 Curran, Griffith          #27 Evans, Ethan            #99 Decker, Austin                            #99 Decker, Allyson

#10 Griffith, Jack           #34 Goeke, Darren          #2 Eggleston, Hunter                         #23 Correll, Erin

#1 Maraldo, Dominic        #12 Houke, Seth              #10 Feist, Adam                                 #5 Peterson, Ava

#30 Medina, Xavier         #32 Kenney, Daniel          #8 Flannery, Robert                           #10 Foreman, Marsha

#42 Overmyer, Drue       #22 Martinez, John         #11 Hassall, Jordan                            #22 Futch, Peyton 

#22 Reilly, Tate              #6 Ninchritz, Trevor       #42 Overmyer, Braden                       #2 Flannery, Laura

#7 Reyes, Ivan                #42 Reinert, Jack           #4 Romero, Fabian                              #11 Margrander, Kaylie 

#2 Torres, Andrew          #7 Reyes, Melvin            #9 Schatzman, Cody                            #15 Estrada, Alyssa

#16 Trent, Kaiden            #21 Spencer, Julian                                                                    #9 Bevan, Haley

#21 Trometer, Justin      #44 Vetzel, Houston                                                                   #13 Stiles, Megan



       If you haven't already, please head over to our Facebook page and give us a like! 


 Registration times Fall Ball 2016

Fall ball registration will start some time in Aug...please check back for more info...  

To register, we need a birth certificate, three proofs of residency (utility bills, voter ID, homestead exemption, etc) and your payment in full. We accept cash, checks or credit cards. All registration documents are located under the "handouts" 


Equipment Update

Managers/coaches: Please see BSLL equipment manager Carlos Estrada  if you need any catcher's gear, balls, helmets or other items.

Also, the orange bases are intended for use by all tee-ball teams. If any coaches have these rubber bases in their possession, please return them to the equipment room. 

District Little League Website

Please visit the Florida District 18 Little League website for more information about baseball and softball teams playing in Southwest Florida. The website is
Baseball on mound

Call for Volunteers

Bonita Springs Little League is run entirely by volunteers. We need your help to pull off another great season. Please contact one of our current board members for more information.

Managers/coaches: You must complete a volunteer application and sign the code of conduct form to be considered. Click on the "Handouts" tab on the left, and scroll to the bottom. Click on "Volunteer information."

Board members: A board of directors oversees Bonita Springs Little League. BSLL has no paid employees, and we are looking for dedicated volunteers to ensure our children have a fun, safe and well-managed baseball and softball season.

Concession stand: Parents will be asked to volunteer in the concession stand during games. Each team in every division will be assigned dates and times.

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Thursday, May 5
Minor AA in house

Monday, May 9
Minor AA in house

Thursday, May 5
Sotball major in house

Thursday, May 5
major BB

Thursday, May 5
Major Baseball champ

Saturday, November 21
Bonita Springs Little League

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