Bonita Springs Little League: Welcome

Friday Night T-Ball Under the Lights February 24, 2017.... 
If you would like individual pictures of your T-Ball player, 
our photographer will be set up from 5:30 till 6:15 
Team pictures will start at 6:30pm
Games will start at 7:00pm   
February 25, 2017 Picture times
Please be at the field and ready 15 Min prior to your teams scheduled time..... 
8:00 Tiger Sharks
8:20 Bulls  
8:40 Cubs Major
9:00 Dodgers
9:20 Queen of Diamonds  
9:40 Blue Angels
10:00 Red Sox
10:20 Muckdogs
10:40 Lightening
11:00 Braves Major
11:20 Rockies
11:40 Panthers
12:00 Renegades
12:20 Anacondas
12:40 Tigers
1:00 Red Wings
1:20 Yankees
1:40 Owls
2:00 Silver Hawks  
2:20 Braves JR BB
2:40 Indians JR BB 
3:00 Hurricanes 

Friday Night T-Ball Under the Lights
Game times 7:00 PM
  Home   VS  Visitors
Bandits  VS  Wildcats   Field 1
Dolphins VS  Indians     Field 3
Cubs       VS  Rays         Field 4

February 25 2017 Game Times
 Home                     VS Visitors
Tiger Sharks           VS Bulls                       Field  3  9:00
Cubs                        VS Dodgers                  Field  1  9:30 
Queen of Diamonds VS Blue Angels             Field  4 10:15 
Red Sox                   VS FMB                       Field  2 10:30 
Muckdogs                 VS  Lightening             Field  3 11:00
Braves Major           Vs Rockies                   Field  1  12:00
Panthers                  VS FMB                        Field  4 12:00
Renegades                VS Anacondes              Field  3 12:45
Tigers                      VS  Red Wings              Field  4  1:45
Rockies                    VS  Yankees                  Field  1  2:30
Owls                        VS  Silver Hawks          Field   3 2:30
Braves JR BB           VS  Indians                  Field   2 300
Hurricanes               VS                               Field    3 4:15
Xplosion                   VS Venom                     Field   4 3:45 


District Little League Website

Please visit the Florida District 18 Little League website for more information about baseball and softball teams playing in Southwest Florida. The website is
Baseball on mound

Call for Volunteers

Bonita Springs Little League is run entirely by volunteers. We need your help to pull off another great season. Please contact one of our current board members for more information.

Managers/coaches: You must complete a volunteer application and sign the code of conduct form to be considered. Click on the "Handouts" tab on the left, and scroll to the bottom. Click on "Volunteer information."

Board members: A board of directors oversees Bonita Springs Little League. BSLL has no paid employees, and we are looking for dedicated volunteers to ensure our children have a fun, safe and well-managed baseball and softball season.

Concession stand: Parents will be asked to volunteer in the concession stand during games. Each team in every division will be assigned dates and times.

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