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 BYAA Chalkboard (Updated 11/5/114 at 10:30 a.m.)

BYAA and Little League International

Parents & Players, What a great season we had this fall! I hope that all of you had fun and are looking forward to next season as much as I am. To all of our Volunteers, I know that I speak for the all of us on the board when I say thank you to each and every one of you for your diligent efforts in making this season the very best that it can be for our kids. Your work to make the league as fun and as safe as possible for our players is an incredible testament for all of our future generations of ball players and their families. In keeping with that endeavor to provide the greatest opportunity for safe and exciting play, BYAA has chosen to re-establish our organization with Little League International and as of Spring 2015 will no longer be a part of the PONY Baseball/Softball system.

How does this change BYAA?

Boerne Little League will now be a part of the world’s largest organized youth sports program. The language of healthy competition in Little League Baseball and Softball is spoken in scores of countries on six continents around the world. Little League International has full-service centers in six U.S. states and Europe, with offices in Canada, Latin America and Asia.

Nearly 2.7 million youngsters took part in Little League Baseball and Softball programs last year, under the direction of more than 1 million adult volunteers.

Boerne Little League will now be a part of a growing phenomenon. Although baseball has been known largely as an American sport since its beginnings more than 100 years ago, the movement has spread. In some cases, world politics played a part in this.

When the U.S. began opening relations with Japan in the early 1900s, baseball was introduced to Japanese culture by American Service Members. Today, Japan’s baseball programs thrive. In fact, baseball is extremely popular all over the Far East. Major League Baseball attempted to export the game to other countries in the past, but it never really caught on. Little League Baseball and Softball, however, was able to bring the game to more than 20 countries by the 1970s and 40 countries by the 1980s.

Two events caused those numbers to skyrocket in recent years. The fall of the Iron Curtain and the advent of baseball as an Olympic sport resulted in Little League being the organization of choice for nations wishing to emulate “The Great American Pastime” and to develop young athletes in preparation for the Olympics. Little League brings together on the playing field such diverse nations as Jordan and Israel, The People’s Republic of China, Russia and Japan. It is truly international in scope.

Little League International’s Purpose

Little League Baseball and Softball is much more than just bats, balls, a field, dugouts, or any of the other dozens of physical items that go into baseball and softball. It has become, over the years, a leadership program for both children and adults, with the aim of helping children to become good and decent citizens. Through the application of Little League Rules, Regulations and Policies, developed over decades of experience, Little League has become a beacon throughout the world. Children learn the positive values of good sportsmanship, fair play and teamwork — values they can use throughout their lives. Adults involved as volunteers in a local league gain a sense of belonging in a community, and can convey their leadership qualities to today’s children so they will grow to be tomorrow’s leaders.

What’s Next – What should you as a Parent/Player expect?

Over the next few weeks and months, you should begin to see multiple updates to our website which will include training resources and volunteer opportunities for each of you. Expect to begin seeing updates come through the Active League Network (email) that will advise you of the coming events and rule updates/changes that will be in effect for the Spring 2015 season.

Once again, thank you all for exhaustive efforts to make BYAA the successful program that it has been and I look forward to working with all of you to continue that success with Boerne Little League.

Thank you,

Joshua Flora

BYAA, Vice President  


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* Boerne Little League boundries currently include Boerne Independent School District and those individuals who have played in BYAA in the last baseball year.  Any individual/family who played in the BYAA program in the past year who is not currently residing in the BISD boundries have been afforded the opportunity to be "grandfathered" into the Boerne Little League organization.  Those individuals and their families will continue to be allowed to participate in BLL activities.






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Team Sponsorship (one season)

T-Ball - $350

Softball (Minors - Majors) - $450   

Baseball (Minors) - $450

Baseball (Majors - Juniors) - $600

* Please remember your sponsorship supports all of the BLL program. We will work to match your child with the team you sponsor, but this is not always possible. Team sponsorships must be finalized by 3/2/15 for the Spring season in order to insure uniform placement.

Sign Sponsorships

Northrup Park Outfield 3'x8' (Annual) - $500

Northrup Park 1st/3rd Baseline 2'x5' (Annual) - $400

Northrup Park Scoreboard 4'x8' (Bi-Annual) - $1500

Northrup Park Field Naming Rights (3 year agreement) - $5000 (Includes 3'x5' sign at entrance and 4'x6' sign at scorekeeper stand)

Combo Package - (sponsor a team plus baseline sign) - $650

League Sponsor - Bower Field (outfield sign for one year) - $550

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Annual Rotating Banner with link - $500

Sponsorship Page Only (Linked logo) - $150

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For those of you who do not need or want to sponsor a specific team or signage, please feel free to donate to Boerne Little League whatever you may be comfortable with.  Boerne Little League is an all volunteer organization and your donations help us insure that we are able to provide an opportunity for the great boys and girls of our community not only to grow in baseball or softball, but to grow as citizens within the community.