Blue Storm Football: Snowbelt League Rules

Sunday, March 18



There must be an EMT/Doctor present before the game starts

There must be at least TWO officials at each game and one must be certified to start a game.

1.         One coach from each team is allowed on their respective side of the ball at all times.  Once your team breaks the huddle, on-field coaches SHALL NOT talk OR MOVE players.  {5 YD Penalty}

2.         Quarters (4) ten minutes in length; the clock is run by the national federation rule book. (Not running time) The offense will have 30 seconds to put the ball in play.  A 5 yd penalty will be assessed after a delay warning has been given.  (Note: for games that may be running long and both coaches agree, running time may be used.)

3.         At the beginning of each half and following a score, the ball is placed at the 30 yd line.  Following a safety it goes to the 50 yd line.

4.         Each team will have 3 sixty second time outs per half.

5.         Linebackers blitzing is not allowed, a maximum 6 man on defensive line, unless offense is inside the 20. (If blitzing occurs the offense has the option of nullify the play)  All Linebackers shall start at least three yards back from the line of scrimmage.  PENALTY:  A 15 yard penalty shall be administered if a non lineman penetrates the line of scrimmage “AT” the snap of the ball ON A RUN OR PASS.

            On run or a rollout pass {outside the tackles} a non lineman may penetrate the LINE OF SCRIMMAGE

            Once he/she reads the play.

6.         Free Punt Rule:  No rush, No return by receiving team. The ball is down where the receiving team gets it in their possession. The ball should be placed where first touched by a member of the receiving team. The receiving team brings the ball out to the 20 yard line if a punt goes deeper than that.

7.         Extra pts- 2 for run or 1 for free kick (no rush, but must have accurate snap from center)

8.         Field Goals {3pt} can be kicked and the same rules apply as free kick for extra point. 

9.          A player weighing over 120 lbs can only play on the offensive line {tight end to tight end) when playing offense, and cannot play in a split out formation.  A player over 120 cannot catch or carry the ball on offense.   A player weighing over 120 can play anywhere on defense and can carry the ball on an interception or fumble recovery.  This weight is based on a playing wearing no pads. A player close to the weight limit shall be weighed prior to each game by the players own organization. No extra pounds are added to the limit  during the season as it is a hard 120 pound rule throughout the season.  On this rule, the league operates  by the honor system, as we do not have an official weigh-in policy by other teams at games or by the league.   If another team feels that a team is violating this rule it shall call the team's director after the game and request that the director look into the matter.   Updated and revised and approved { 3/13/2008 }

10.        In the event of a tie at the end of regulation, the game remains a tie.

11.        Scores will not be kept or added to the scoreboard after a team is leading by more than 30 points. After team has reached a 30 point lead the clock will run at all times.

12.        Any change of possession inside the 20 yard line the offensive team will start on the 20.

13.       NEW:  A personal foul {15 Yards} shall be administered if a non-lineman hits the

            Quarterback on a pass inside the tackles {Straight Drop Back Pass}

15.       Only Defensive players can jump on Extra Point tries -  No using other players

16.       RULE CLARIFICATION:  On a punt, extra point or field goal attempt the defense may

            Jump up to block the kick, but may not penetrate the LINE OF SCRIMMAGE.




The SNOWBELT FOOTBALL LEAGUE  have agreed that there will be zero tolerance for fan misbehavior at all football events.  This includes but is not limited to:  booing, shouting at officials, or arguing any call.  Expressing any negative behavior or comments, threats or obscene gestures to players, coaches or officials is also unacceptable.

  Cheering in a positive fashion, for both sides is highly encouraged. Ours is a recreational league with fun as the primary emphasis.  Many officials and coaches are volunteers and we should all appreciate their efforts, and support them, setting a good example for the children.


            Any spectator who does not behave appropriately {as directed above} will be asked to leave, according to the following steps.:

            1.         Officials {s} will identify violators to the coaches, or vice versa.

            2.         Officials {s} confer with both coaches, one of whom will then approach the

                        spectator and may give a warning, or ask them to leave.  If the spectator

                        is not recognized by either coach, the home coach will speak to him/her.

            3.         If the decision is made for the spectator to leave, play will not resume

            until he/she has left the facility.  If he/she refuses to leave, his/her team

                        will forfeit, and the game will be over.

            Please help us foster good sportsmanship, and encourage positive experiences for our youth.

          * These towns/organizations are members of the SNOWBELT LEAGUE and have agreed upon the  

           above guidelines:  Claremont, Hanover, Hartford, Lebanon, Windsor, Woodstock, Bow, Gilford, John  

           Stark, Kearsarge, Merrimack Valley, and Newport. 



Revised, Adopted and Approved:  April , 2010, 2011, 2012