Blue Star Baseball: About Blue Star Baseball

Thursday, October 30
About Blue Star Baseball

Blue Star Baseball was started in 1988.  We offer a wonderful environment for players and their families.   Blue Star Baseball is open to girls ages 5 to 7 and boys ages 5 to 14.   We have over 300 kids from over 35 different schools that participate in our baseball program.  All of our games are played on real baseball diamonds at the East Valley Baseball Fields, located at the corner of Whitsett and Strathern.  Kosher food is available for purchase at the fields.  Practices are held prior to each game and sometimes during the week (at the discretion of each coach).  All games are played on Sundays.  When planning the game schedule and organizing teams, we do our best to accommodate those children who attend school on Sundays.  Registration for Spring Baseball season occurs in October. We highly recommend that you sign-up as early as possible in order to make sure that your child secures a spot in their division, we have had to turn late registrant players away in the past when their divisions have already been filled by early registrants.  Pre-season practices (at the discretion of each coach), occur in February. Games typically run early March through mid-June.   Blue Star Baseball is a non-profit organization run completely by volunteers.  All donations are tax deductible (tax id #95-6006492).

Blue Star Baseball is about the kids!  Remember to always volunteer before you complain and bear in mind while making complaints that the people you are complaining to are volunteers who have stepped up to make the league the best that it can be, and these volunteers juggle their commitment to Blue Star, not to mention their personal and professional commitments as well.  Please never make a request for your convenience that affects the other people on your child's team, the other teams in your child's division, or the other 300+ families at Blue Star. 


Please be respectful of umpires.  They are human and can make mistakes, and a bad call that they might make is not going to adversely afect your child's lfie.  It is a parent's responsibility to set an example, and more often than not the kid who questions every umpire's call has a parent yelling in the stands.  Don't be that parent.


And once again, always remember that baseball is about the kids, not the parents. The memories that our children take away from Blue Star will last them the rest of their lives. Please try to make them happy ones!