Blue Star Baseball: Parent Testimonials

Monday, June 11
Blue Star Baseball Parent Testimonials
"What a treat for my son to be involved in your league for 4 seasons. I'll always remember it."---

"I want to thank you for all that you do for this wonderful league. I especially am thankful for arranging the games so that the Cheder kids can participate, I am sure when you first did it there were not nearly as many children involved. Thanks again for running a first class operation!"----

"Thank you for providing such an excellent opportunity for our boys to flourish!"----

"Thank you very much for a wonderful experience. My son had a great time and can't wait until next season."---

"Blue Star is a wonderful league and a blessing to the Jewish community of LA. Thank you for all your hard work and looking out for the kids best interest. You should be blessed in all you do."----

"You guys do a great job running this league – it has been a real pleasure being part of it."-----

"First I would like to thank you, Ira and everyone of Bluestar- it is really a wonderful program. Being someone who works with the community - I know how much work is involved and how little appreciation comes. Thank you!!!!"-----

"My kids are beyond excited to be a part of Bluestar. Thank you for such a fantastic program!"------

"Thank you for all that you do. The league is amazing"-----

"The baseball season does not end for me until writing you these words. My son had a great season! I wanted to thank you and the others who make it possible. As you know, my son took last year off from the league, but returned with vigor for 2009! He relished the opportunity to play league baseball, hone his skills and meet boys from all over the Valley and City. All this and he could play on Sunday, which addressed our concern about Shabbat. My son's team was in the Major's championship game this year. Even though their total runs scored were not enough to win, it was a memorable experience for all participants. Following the game, on the car ride home, he asked me "Dad, is it too early to sign me up for next year?!" I realize that running the league takes time away from your normal business activities. It also takes time from family, even though they, too, are at the games and volunteers as well. Even your sister and mom! My family and I wanted to express our appreciation for all your efforts. Thank you, again."------

"I must tell you that yesterday was a very hard day for my wife and I without baseball, my kids had serious withdrawals. No, on a serious note thank you so very much for all the time, money and love that you and your family have given to this wonderful league. Through the league, my son is able to stay in touch with all his friends from his school and was able to make new ones as well from other schools."
P.S. I am ready to enroll my children for next years season today."-----

"YOU guys did a fantastic job this year and I thank you for your massive efforts and success. You have taken this league to the stratosphere of Jewish leagues that can compete with any public little league… and makes us all very proud to be a part of. May you all continue to possess the energy and enthusiasm (and sanity) to keep going and growing. Major Kudos and a huge Yasher Koach."-------

"Thank you so much for an amazing season. We live on the west side and this was our first experience with Blue Star and we were very happy with your organization during the regular season as were our children (we have twin boys). Once again we had a fantastic experience with Blue Star and look forward to returning next year."-----

"TODAH RABBAH for all your hard work and time that went into making this a great season!"-----

"Thank you so much for running this excellent league……This was our first year, my children have been in other leagues in the past… guys did an outstanding job"-----

"While it's always nice to be on a team with at least one friend, I'm not as concerned that my son not be with his friends as I see it as an opportunity to make new friends. My concern is more for the logistics -- midweek practices during the season (which is an issue on either team) and carpooling concerns. I know my son has already put his colors and team logo on his cleats! I also know that he will be happy on any team so long as he gets to play baseball! Thanks again for all of your help and understanding."-----

"You run a very professional operation, and my son and I were proud to be a part of Blue Star this year."-----

"THANK YOU. I wanted to share with you….My kids having so much fun and we are so proud to be part of Blue Star Baseball group (we are so happy…that some of our friends wants to register for next year…). Kindly note, at the beginning our sons were afraid and did not really want to come…This week one of my sons had a ‘HOME RUN..” that was sooooo good. Many thanks and best regards."----

"I wanted to Thank You for giving my son, Andrew, the opportunity to play baseball without having to break the Sabbath. For us, Saturday ball was not an option. Andrew has wanted to play ball since age 4, and it was a constant source of consternation with he, his Mom and me. If not for the League you set up, Andrew would not have had this chance to play. It meant a lot for me to see him on the field, and doing something he chose to pursue."-------

"Thanks for another great season! My son really enjoyed playing UCP baseball."----