Blue Star Baseball: Frequently Asked Questions

Friday, November 7
Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ's section. Please take a moment to review the questions and answers here, there is a wealth of information about registration, tryouts, game times, players who have school on Sunday, practices, mid-week games, uniform requirements, parking at the field, field address, lost and found, picture day, food at the field and more. (All information is subject to change without notice). If you don't find an answer to your question here, please send us an email at (please do not send emails to any other email address, but that one).

Q: When is the Blue Star Baseball season and how many games are there in the season (this information is subject to change)?

A: The  Blue Star Baseball season typically begins mid-February.  The season will end in May with the final playoff games scheduled for the end of May/beginning of June.  Each team will play approximately 10 games.   For more detailed information about the 2014 calendar, please click on the "Calendar" link in the left hand column of the website.  All dates subject to change.

Q: How do I register my child(ren)?

A: All parents must register their children online at our website.  Registration typically begins in the Fall (begining of November, exact date TBD, stay tuned to the website for more information.  Blue Star Baseball only accepts credit card payments. 
We highly recommend that if you are serious about having your child participate in baseball, that you sign-up as early as possible, the later you sign-up the higher the chance that there might not be a spot on a team for your child.  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email stating that your registration went through, if you didn't receive the email, your registration didn't go through! 

Q: Can my child play on a team with his/her friends, that is the only way he will participate in baseball?

A: If your child is playing in T-Ball or Underhand Coach Pitch, you can request that your child be placed with his/her friends. We will do our best to match friends together, however, we can't guarantee final team placement. Please do not send us an email requesting that your child be with his/her friends, there is a place in the registration questionnaire to put in your requests. We cannot accept requests via email! If your child is playing in any other division besides T-Ball or Underhand Coach Pitch, we cannot accept any requests for children to play together. Please keep this in mind when you sign your child up for baseball, we cannot guarantee that your child will be with his/her friends, if you think that it is a make or break situation for your child, than you should consider that prior to registering him/her. We are happy to announce that Blue Star Baseball is made up of children who live both in the San Fernando Valley and on the Westside and who attend up to 25 different schools. It is a perfect opportunity to make new friends!

Q:  My child has other extracurricular activities (basketball, dance, karate etc) that he/she participates in, can he/she miss some baseball practices/games and/or can you place him/her in a division where there might not be a time conflict for us?

A:  The short answer is no, now here is the longer version....Each Spring Blue Star offers a wonderful organized program from February-June, with close to 400 participants, 35 teams and 6 divisions. Our draft process follows youth baseball guidelines to ensure proper placement of players and balanced teams in each division.  Of course we understand that children and their families have commitments outside of Blue Star, but if the child decides to play baseball, then it's up to the parents to adjust their child's schedule accordingly to allow them to participate fully during the baseball season.  Remember that if your child misses a Blue Star game, there is a possibility that it could affect whether the team will have to forfeit due to lack of players.  Think about this before making the committment to play in the Blue Star league.

Q:  Can I request my child be placed in a specific division?

A:  No, every year, we receive numerous questions or requests from parents concering the placement of their child in a particular division.  No decisions can be made about division placement or requests until Blue Star League's registration period is completed and we know how many children will be playing at Blue Star during the upcoming season.   Tryouts, when applicable, are required in the placement process.  Please note:  All divisions are based solely upon a draft.  The number of players registered for the league--by age group--and the number of teams in each division will determine how many players may be drafted into a particular division.  When enrolling, no child is guaranteed to be drafted to a particular team/division, placed with a specific manager and/or have a specific practice/game schedule (we do however, as noted in another FAQ make every attempt to accommodate kids who are required to go to school on Sunday, by putting all of them on "late" game time teams).

Q: I am having difficulties registering online at your website, what should I do?

A: It is a league requirement that every parent register their childs information online. There are 3 options on the Registration homepage (Option A, B and C)...If you are having difficulties, please choose Option C and it should work fine. If you are still having difficulties, please check with a friend who has already signed up to see if they can walk you through the online registration process.

Q: Do you offer a multi-child discount?

A: No, we do not offer a multi-child discount. The league costs are significantly greater than the registration fees. Other leagues charge on average of $400 plus per player, require mandatory parent volunteer participation in the league and require the players to raise money via a fundraiser (ie: selling candy, wrapping paper, casino night).

Q: What is the "typical" age break-downs for the different divisions of Bluestar Baseball?

A: Division placements always depend on the number of children in each age group, starting with children league age 15 (age as of April 30, 2014) and working its way down.

Q: My child is 4 and wants to play t-ball, can he/she?

A: T-ball is one division that we make an exception on with regards to league age. So, if your child is league age 5 (date of birth on or after April 30, 2014), he/she can play. If your child will be turning 5 before June 15, 2014, he/she can also play. Please note however a couple of key points before signing him/her up...if your child falls into the aforementioned category and he/she chooses to play (even though he/she is 4), be prepared that he will be playing one extra year of either T-ball, Overhand Coach Pitch (because in those divisions, we cannot make league age exceptions), also think about whether he/she is "mature" for his age? Can he/she stand on a field "by himself with other kids" and listen to instruction from a coach or manager?

Q: My child is 6 and he/she has never played in an organized sports league before, and he/she wants to play t-ball, can he/she?

A: For the safety of the players, we cannot allow your 6 year old to play in t-ball.  As mentioned in the previous FAQ, there are some 4 year olds in t-ball and with an almost 2 year age gap, it could be dangerous for the  younger kids to play with 6 year olds.  We therefore require that a league age 6 year old play in Overhand Coach Pitch.  We do hope that after participating in Underhand Coach Pitch, that your child will continue playing in future years with Blue Star Baseball, and if your child does then next year he will be league age 7 and we do not allow 7 year olds to play in Overhand Coach even if we did allow 6 year olds to play in t-ball, then the next year your child would have to jump 2 divisions and that would be a huge disadvantage to him.  Rest assured, while it may seem that your child will have a slight learning curve going straight into Overhand Coach Pitch, towards the middle to end of the season, you will see huge improvements in his game and he will be much better prepared for next season.

Q: What will the age break-down be for this year and what division will my child be in?

 A: Unfortunately, we won't know what the break-down will be until we see how many registrants there are this year and how the tryouts turn out. We can then determine how many teams there will be and how many players will be on each team. Historically the division breakdown for Blue Star Baseball has been the following, please note however that this breakdown is subject to change at any time during and after the registration process, based upon the number of sign-ups per age group. (all ages are as of April 30, 2014):


Juniors= 13-14 year olds

Majors = 11-12 year olds

Minors = 9-10 year olds

Farm  (Modified Kid Pitch) = 7-8 year olds 

Overhand Coach Pitch (OCP) = 6 year olds

Tball= 5 year olds (co-ed)


Q: What does league age mean?

A: It is the age of the child as of April 30, 2018.

Q: Are there any restrictions for my 15 year old who plays in the Junior Division?

A:  Yes,  your 15 year old cannot pitch.  We decided to extend the age cutoff to 15, because we received a lot of interest from kids who weren't going to be able to play baseball at their high school.

Q: My child's birthday is 2 days past the cut-off can you make an exception and put him in a higher division?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot. Just like other youth baseball leagues, we follow guidelines of age breakdowns. At times because of birthday cut off dates kids get squeezed. There are a number of kids in the league who miss the cut-off date by just a few days, but we can't make exceptions. Please keep this in mind when you sign your child up to play, so that he doesn't face disappointment about what division he will be playing in for the season. Review the age breakdown mentioned above carefully. Please do not send us an email requesting that we place your child in a higher division because he is so close to the cut-off date.   One exception, turns into many exceptions!

Q: My child wants to stay in the lower division, can he?

A: The short answer is no.  He will be evaluated in the tryouts specific to his division (as per his age). If there is a possibility that he can be placed in a lower division than he will be drafted to the lower division. Please keep in mind that there are no guarantees that he will be placed in the lower division. Our primary goal is the integrity of the league. We will evaluate how many players we have that fall within the typical age breakdown for a specific division and once we determine how many we have, we will then determine whether there will be any room for a player who is older than the typical age in that division. Please note each division is becoming more and more similar and competitive. Moreover, we realize that there are some kids who are very close to the league age cutoff, this happens in every division and unfortunately we can't make any exceptions, even if the player is slightly older/younger than the other players in the division.

Q: Can my daughter play in any division?

A: No, the reason for separating the girls from the boys at the Overhand Coach Pitch level is that one of the midos taught at many of the Jewish day schools that our children attend are the laws of "Snius" or "modesty." Because of this boys and girls do not play on the same team with each other if they are 7 years or older. Our league caters to families that recognize the importance of encouraging their children to not play in a league that practices or plays on Shabbos and/or Jewish holidays. We are thankful that our league attracts a wide range of families from those that are not as observant (who might not mind if their kids play together at any age) to those that more observant. It is our responsibility to try and make sure to fulfill the needs of everyone.

Q: Is there a separate girls division?

A: Unfortunately, there is not a separate girls division.  We have tried numerous times in the past to recruit girls,  and there just has not been enough interest.

Q: When are tryouts and where do they take place?

A:  Tryouts "typically" take place in December or January
.  Stay tuned for more information on the exact date and time.  Players in Juniors, Minors, Majors and Overhand Coach Pitch (OCP) are required to tryout.  Whether you sign your child up prior to or after the scheduled tryout date, and there is room in their appropriate division, then they will be drafted to a team.  If there isn't room in their division, then we will notify you that your child has been put on a wait list, and we will see if more people sign-up to form another team.  In order to avoid being put on a wait list, the earlier you sign-up, the better.   If your child is playing in T-ball they DO NOT need to attend tryouts, they will be notified by the league by mid-February of their team placement (hang tight!). 

Tryouts (along with all other Blue Star Baseball events, unless otherwise noted), take place at the East Valley Baseball Fields 8045 Whitsett Ave in North Hollywood, CA 91605 (at the corner of Whitsett and Strathern).

Q: Is there a make-up tryout date?

A: There is not a make-up tryout date (unless of course the designated date gets rained out). If your child cannot attend tryouts (and is in Juniors, Majors, Minors and Overhand Coach Pitch),
and you signed your child up prior to the scheduled tryout date, and there is room in their appropriate division, then they will be drafted to a team.  Please be patient and we will contact you as soon as we know which team your child is placed on, please do not contact us and ask us.

Q: What is the nature of the tryouts? Is there actually a question of making a team?

A: The tryouts are so that the teams can be drafted and all be of the same competitive level (to the best of our ability to draft "fairly"). Everyone plays and gets on a team.

Q: How can my child prepare for the tryouts?

A: Your child will be doing the following at tryouts:

-At the plate to face a few pitches
-Short stop to field grounders and throw to first
-Run from home to first or second
-Pitch (farm, minors and majors only)
-Catching fly balls

Q: How long will the tryouts take?

A: Tryouts will run for about 15 minutes once your child is on the field. The wait time to get on the field can be anywhere from a few minutes to over one hour. We would like to set up a more “scheduled” time this year (ie: approximate time slots for each child to come and tryout), we are working on it, and will let you know as soon as we have it figured out. Thank you (as always) for your patience.

Q: Do all players need to tryout?

A: All players need to tryout for Juniors, Majors, Minors and Overhand Coach Pitch.  We aim to have the teams well balanced, and in order to do so, we need to properly assess their skills prior to forming the teams.

Q: What should my child wear to tryouts?

A: Preferably baseball pants, cleats and a comfortable t-shirt. If your child does not have baseball pants or cleats, please make sure they are dressed in comfortable sportswear and sports shoes. In addition, a protective cup must be worn at all times while on the field. You can purchase a protective cup at your local sporting goods store (ie: Big 5, Sports Authority).

Q: My child wants to tryout for a different division than what his league age falls in, can he do that?

A: No, he cannot. No matter what, he will be evaluated in the tryouts specific to his division (as per his age). If there is a possibility that he can be placed in a higher division than we will be drafted to the higher division. Please keep in mind that there are no guarantees that he will be placed in a higher division. Our primary goal is the integrity of the league. We will evaluate how many players we have that fall within the typical age breakdown for a specific division and once we determine how many we have, we will then determine whether there will be any room for a player who is younger than the typical age in that division. Please note each division is becoming more and more similar and competitive. Moreover, we realize that there are some kids who are very close to the league age cutoff, this happens in every division and unfortunately we can't make any exceptions, even if the player missed the cutoff by only a few days. Below is the typical age breakdown for each division:


Juniors= 13-14 year olds

Majors = 11-12 year olds

Minors = 9-10 year olds

Farm = 7-8 year olds 

Underhand Coach Pitch (UCP) = 6 year olds

Tball= 5 year olds (co-ed)

Q: My child has school on Sunday, will he still be able to tryout?

A: Of course they will, we will be accommodating Sunday school schedules, so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in tryouts.

Q: How are the T-ball and Overhand Coach Pitch teams formed?

A: The coaches draft the players, but we try to keep 2-3 friends together per team. Please put all team requests in the registration questionnaire when you sign your child up online, there is a specific question that asks who you would like for your child to play with this season. We make every effort to accommodate those requests. Please do not send us separate emails with this information, only include it in the registration questionnaire.

 Q: My child really wants to play T-ball, but he will not be 5 by April 30, 2014 (league age requirement), what can I do?

A: You can sign him up for T-ball as a four year old, but he will either play two years of T-ball or two years of Overhand Coach Pitch (OCP).  All players must "catch up" to proper league age before playing in the Overhand Coach Pitch Division.  The Overhand Coach Pitch Division is League age 6-7 (age as of April 30th of the season), and no exceptions are made for that regardless of skill set.

Q: Will there be any teams for just "Westside" players?

A: Yes, we make an effort to have "Westside" teams so that it opens the league up to more players and so that those teams can practice together in the City and carpool together for the games. However, please note that the leagues first criteria in division placement is league age!

Q: When will I find out what team my child(ren) are on this season and what time their games will be?

A: It takes a lot of time for us to get through tryouts and to deal with last minute additions to the league, we work as quickly as possible and encourage all parents to register their kids as early as possible to help ease the process. Once the teams are in place we will send out a game schedule, we aim to send it out at least 1 month prior to Opening Day.

Q: I have more than 1 child playing in Blue Star Baseball, will their game times be at the same time (I don't want to spend all day at the field)?

A: Baruch Hashem, we have a lot of families with multiple children playing in the league (in different divisions, some even in the same divisions), so obviously it is impossible that every family would have their kids playing at the same time. Yes it is a big commitment that you might spend a bulk of your Sunday out at the fields, but that is part of organized sports, so before you sign-up think about this fact. How about looking at it as a nice family activity, bring the whole family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins), let them run around the grass, bring a picnic, enjoy the yummy kosher food from the snackstand, cheer your kids on and have a great time!

Q: Is there a weekly set practice schedule?

A: Each coach sets up their own practice schedule. Generally speaking most of the
teams do not practice too much during the week (although some coaches try to have weekly practices at a field or at the batting cages). The league is still competitive and the players are encouraged to practice on their own or with their players (if feasible)

Q: What is the earliest game time and what is the latest game time?

A:  Historically, game start times have varied anywhere from 9:00, 10:00, 12:00, 2:00, 3:00, 5:00.  With regards to what time your child will be playing, we will not have this information until closer to the season start date (when the game schedule is distributed to the league).   If your child attends mandatory school classes on Sunday (there is a question in the registration form that asks that), we make every effort to accommodate their school schedule so that it doesn't conflict with their participation in Blue Star.

Q: Will each divisions game times be the same each week?

A: Most likely no, we try to vary the game times, so that if there is a personal preference or dislike for a particular game time, than we are hopefully being fair and giving everyone the opportunity/requirement to play at different times throughout the season. With that in mind, however, we do make every effort to accommodate the schedules of kids who have school on Sundays. So please make sure you answer the question in the registration form that asks if your child has school on Sunday, so that we are aware of it and can make every effort to accommodate their school schedules.

Q: My child has school on Sundays, will you be able to accommodate this so that he can play in the league?

A: We make every effort to put teams together for those kids that have school on Sundays. We will not know if that is going to work until a few weeks after try-outs. Please come to tryouts and if the schedule does not work you will receive a refund.

Q: Will there be any midweek games?

A:  No, there will not be any midweek games.  Prior to the 2010 season, we received feedback from parents and coaches that having mid-week games are difficult for children to attend (with school and other activities that they have during the week).


Q:  Are there games on Mothers Day?

A: Due to the fact that our league plays only on Sundays, we are limited when setting up the game schedule. Our league has reduced the number of games (from the 2009 season) and has started the season several weeks earlier than in past years.  The league is off for Purim, two weeks for Passover and Memorial Day Sunday.   Unfortunately Mothers Day falls victim to the schedule  We do understand the concern and wish we had the ability to change the schedule but hopefully you can work around the game schedules on that day to still fit in some family time away from the fields.

Q: Is there a required baseball uniform to play?

A: Yes, all kids must be properly dressed in baseball attire when attending practices and/or games (see the next two questions for specifics).

Q: What uniform items do I need to provide for my son/daughter to play?

A: It is your responsibility to provide the following items for your son/daughter for the season, they can all be purchased at your local sporting goods store (ie: Big 5, Sport Chalet, Sports Authority)


--COLORED BELT---please wait to purchase it until you know your team color so that it matches your uniform, if your pants do not have belt loops, than you do not need to wear a belt.


--GLOVE--please have it fitted properly at a sporting goods store

--PROTECTIVE CUP (for boys)--a cup is REQUIRED anytime a player is on the field, if a player is not wearing a cup, the umpires will dismiss him from the game.

--SLIDING SHORTS (for boys)---not required, but highly recommended to wear over players boxers or briefs, to avoid chafing.

Q: What uniform items are provided by the league?

A:  Prior to the season starting each player will receive 1 jersey, 1 pair of colored socks and 1 hat. These items will be distributed prior to the season beginning (exact time and date to be determined each season).  If any of these items are lost/damaged during the season, it will be your responsibility to purchase replacement items (contact your Manager for the required form to fill out for these replacement items).  
During games and practices, the league will provide helmets and bats for the players use on the field (they are not permitted to take these items home with them).  

Q:  Can I purchase an adult hat to wear at the fields (to match my kids team(s)?

A:   Yes, if you are interested in purchasing (at your own expense) an adult hat, please email with the team name, division and size that you are requesting.  

Q: What if the jersey is too big/too small for my child?

A: The company that we use to order the jerseys has been in business for over 20 years. So this is what they do, day in and day out. They order the sizes for us based on the players ages. If the jersey doesn't fit your child properly, you can replace it (at your expense).

Q: Can I request a specific number for my child's jersey?

A: We apologize, however, we cannot take specific number requests, with the number of players in the league (close to 400), it would be too difficult for us to have specific jersey number requests. Thank you for understanding.

Q: What if my son/daughter loses one of the uniform items that are provided by the league?

A: If your son/daughter loses part of their uniform, it is your responsibility to go to a sporting goods store (ie: Big 5, Sportmart) and purchase a replacement item. If they lose their jersey, we will order a replacement (also at your expense).

Q: Can my son/daughter use a wooden bat while playing in the league?

A: No, the league does not permit the use of a wooden bat.

Q:  Can I download the rules for my child's division?

A: Yes, in the Handouts section (see left column)

Q:  I see you suggest sliding pants to wear under the uniforms, does my child always have to slide (even if the play is really close)?

A: The short answer is NO.  This is probably the single most misunderstood and misapplied rule in youth baseball. There are any number of variations of the "must slide" myth. "The runner must always slide at home." "The runner must slide if the defense is making a play on him." "The runner must slide once he's been put out during a double play attempt." None of them are true. There is never any situation in which a runner is required to slide. The relevant rule is:

There is no "must slide" rule.
There is no "must slide" rule.
There is no "must slide" rule.

Q: How are the team names assigned?

A: The divisions fall by Major League Baseball divisions, so we aren't sure what the team names will be until closer to the season beginning.

Q: I am interested in coaching or managing a team, how do I go about doing that and what is the difference between the two?

A: We encourage the parents to get involved, it is a great experience both for them and for the kids! The "COACH" helps the manager run the team and the "MANAGER" Is the Head Coach, handles all team administrative duties, is the team contact with the league and is required for the 2011 season to raise $360 in sponsorship money (per team). In order to be considered for the position of coach or manager, you must register your information online at (there is no fee to do this). There is a place in the registration process to indicate any special requests (ie: if you would like to coach or manage with someone else and/or if you would like to coach/manage your child's team). Please indicate all this information in the registration process, do not send us a separate email with these requests.

Q: Can a company or individual sponsor a team?

A: Of course!!! The sponsorship fee to sponsor a team is $360.00. You can get your logo/name on the sleeve of the team that you sponsor if you have your money and camera ready art turned into Blue Star Baseball by January 1 (no exceptions to this deadline).

Q: How do I make a donation to the league?

A: Blue Star Baseball is a non-profit organization run completely by volunteers. All donations are tax deductible (tax id #95-6006492).

Q: Is there a picture day, when will it be and what will be the schedule?

A:  Picture day (and make-up picture day if there is one) are held in March (date TBD).  We aren't 100% sure of the exact schedule for the day until a week or so prior to the date, but most likely the individual and team photos will be taken approximately 30 minutes prior to your scheduled game time. If you don't have a game scheduled on picture day, you will of course still have the opportunity to take your individual picture and team picture, either on picture day or on make-up picture day. A photo package is included in your registration fees. You will also have the option to purchase additional photos, if you wish.   All players MUST have the picture form filled out prior to having their picture taken (even if you aren't purchasing extra prints, and you only want the photo package that is included in your registration fees).

What is the name of the picture company that you use?  When and how will we receive our pictures?   What if we want to order additional pictures?

A:  The company that we use is Ultimate Exposures.  The pictures will be sent directly to your home roughly 1-2 weeks after they were taken. If you want to order additional pictures, you need to order them directly through the company.  If you do not receive your pictures in the mail, please contact Ultimate Exposures to follow-up.  Their website is

Q:  Why are there not "proper" restrooms at the fields?

A:  We are working through this process with this city.  We have been working on it for the past 3 years and will continue to work through it with the hopes that we can get new restrooms at the fields.   

Q:  Is there kosher food and drinks available for purchase at the field?

A: Yes, kosher food is available for purchase.  Whether you choose to buy food or drinks at the field or not, the most important things to remember are to please bring kosher snacks/food and keep your kids well fed and well hydrated when they are playing.

Q: We left something at the field, is there a lost and found? Is the field open for us to go back and check for the item?

A: First and foremost, we highly recommend that you label anything that your child brings to the field (uniform, glove, ball, bag). All lost and found items should be turned into the snackstand. If you have lost something at the field, you can just check the snackstand for it.  As for the field being open for you to come back and look for your item, the gates are locked each evening after the games. Blue Star Baseball (and its affiliates) are not responsible for any lost or stolen items and/or for any damage to your items. Please note that Blue Star Baseball (and all those affiliated-players, coaches, managers and volunteers) and Emek Hebrew Academy Teichman Family Torah Center are not responsible for ANY items that are lost at the field. Please watch your items! If you do lose something at the field, do not send us an email asking if we found out, wait until the following week and check with the food truck to see if it has been turned into them. Immediately following the closing day of baseball season, all unclaimed lost and found items are donated.

Q: Is there a parking lot at the field?

A: Yes, there is a parking lot at the field and street parking on Whitsett and Strathern (please read street signs when parking on the street, to avoid parking tickets). There are a few parking lot rules that you need to keep in mind, first and foremost, please drive slowly and safely, there are a lot of people around the field. Do not double park. Please plan accordingly and arrive at the field with plenty of time to park on the street (if need be). Blue Star Baseball is not responsible for any damage to your vehicles and/or to your property in your vehicles.

Q: What is the address of the field?

A: The address of the field is 8045 Whitsett Ave in North Hollywood, CA 91605
(at the corner of Whitsett and Strathern). The fields are called East Valley Baseball Fields.

Q: Are animals allowed at the field?

A: No, animals are not allowed at the field.

Q: Can I smoke at the fields?

A: No, smoking at the fields and/or in the parking lot at the fields is prohibited.

Q: I want to practice with my kids, what is the distance from home plate to the pitchers mound?

A: Players in Juniors pitch from 54 feet and 80 foot bases.  Majors and Minors pitch from 44 feet and 60 foot bases.  Overhand Coach Pitch from 38 feet and 60 foot bases.

Q: How can I get a refund for my registration, my son/daughter has decided that they don't want to play and/or we realized that it is too big of a commitment for us to get to the fields every Sunday for games?

A:  We will not issue any refunds after your child has been drafted to a team (no exceptions).  If your child is registered and they haven't been drafted to a team yet, then we will issue a refund for the registration fee minus a $25 (processing charge).  So please plan accordingly and think about the commitment before you register (if your child can't make it to the games, it could lead to the possibility of a team having to forfeit due to lack of players and also, the coaches, managers and volunteers spend a tremendous amount of time conducting tryouts and drafts to make sure that the teams are properly formed, if your child drops out of the league after a team has been formed, it can change the dynamics of the team).

Q:  Will my child get a trophy at the end of the season?

A:   Yes, every child gets a trophy at the end of the season.  It is your responsiblity to get the trophy from your Manager, if you are not going to be out at the fields for any reason at the end of the season when the trophies are distributed, please have someone pick the trophy up on your behalf or arrange to pick-it up directly from your manager. 

Q: I still have more questions that aren't answered here, what should I do?

A: Please contact us via email at We do our best to answer the emails that we receive in a timely manner.   But remember, Blue Star Baseball is run entirely by a handful (a small one) of volunteers and we do our best to answer you as quickly as possible, but remember we have personal and professional commitments, as do you, that sometimes come before the responsibilites of the league.  Moreover, the coaches and managers are also volunteers, and they too have commitments outside the league, so please keep this in mind when you are patiently waiting for a response to a question/inquiry.

On a final very important note, the Bluestar baseball league costs are significantly greater than the registration fees that you pay.  Other leagues charge on average of $300 plus per player, they require mandatory parent volunteer participation in the league and they require the players to raise money via a fundraiser (ie: selling candy, selling wrapping paper, having a casino night or auction). 

Thank you for your interest in Blue Star Baseball.

All information is subject to change without notice!