Blue Star Baseball: Welcome

Welcome to the Bluestar Baseball 2018 Season!

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PLEASE review our FAQ's section (see link on lefthand column) where you might find answers to some of your general league questions. Scroll down for more general league information, or click on lefthand side for more specific information.


The league will provide your child with 1 jersey, 1 pair of colored socks and 1 hat. These items will be passed out by your manager on opening day. 

It is your responsibility to purchase the following items for your child: 

--WHITE BASEBALL PANTS - NO grey pants, NO pants with any stripes.  just ALL WHITE PANTS.  Players without these pants will be asked to come back the following week with the proper ALL WHITE PANTS or they will not be allowed on the field.

--COLORED BELT--- The belt color must match your uniform; if your manager has not already told you the color of your jersey, please ask him. If your pants do not have belt loops, than you do not need to wear a belt.

--BASEBALL CLEATS--Purchase at your local sporting goods store, or use the "cleat swap" program, for more information visit our Facebook page at

--GLOVE--please have it fitted properly at a sporting goods store

--PROTECTIVE CUP (for boys)--a cup is REQUIRED anytime a player is on the field, if a player is not wearing a cup, the umpires will dismiss him from the game.

--SLIDING SHORTS (for boys)---not required, but highly recommended to wear over players boxers or briefs, to avoid chafing.

Please note if your child loses or damages the jersey, pair of colored socks and/or hat that the league provides, it will be your responsibility to replace. 

Blue Star Baseball Field Location

The East Valley Baseball fields are located in North Hollywood at the corner of Whitsett and Strathern.  The address is 8045 Whitsett Avenue  North Hollywood, CA 91605.  Parking is available in the lot and on the street. Please do not double park and please drive carefully in and around the fields.

Division Breakdown for 2018 (all ages are as of August 31, 2018 except TBall see below)

The division breakdown for 2018 is tentatively set as follows:


Please note this breakdown is subject to change at any time during and after the registration process, based upon the number of sign-ups per age group.

Juniors= 13-15 year olds

Majors = 11-12 year olds

Minors = 9-10 year olds

Farm (Modified Kid Pitch) = 7-8 year olds 

Coach Pitch = 6 year olds

Tball= 4- 5 year olds (age 5 as of December 31, 2018)

2018 Registration

2018 Registration----For all those interested in signing up for the 2018 season, registration will begin in Fall 2017.  Fees are $240 per baseball player (early bird registration) and $200 per T-ball player.  Late registration fees are $290. If you have any friends who are interested in signing up (who haven't previously played with Blue Star), please ask them to forward their email address to so they can receive the league updates.  We encourage you to sign up early, as in previous years those players who have signed up later, have been put on a wait list if their division is full.

Important Message re: Team Placement:

If your child is playing in T-Ball or Underhand Coach Pitch, you can request that your child be placed with his/her friends. We will do our best to match friends together, however, we can't guarantee final team placement. Please do not send us an email requesting that your child be with his/her friends, there is a place in the registration questionnaire to put in your requests. We cannot accept requests via email! If your child is playing in any other division besides T-Ball or Underhand Coach Pitch, we cannot accept any requests for children to play together. Please keep this in mind when you sign your child up for baseball, we cannot guarantee that your child will be with his/her friends, if you think that it is a make or break situation for your child, than you should consider that prior to registering him/her. We are happy to announce that Blue Star Baseball is made up of children who live both in the San Fernando Valley and on the Westside and who attend up to 25 different schools. It is a perfect opportunity to make new friends! 

 Important Message re: Playing in Blue Star Baseball:

Each Spring Blue Star offers a wonderful organized program from February-June, with close to 300 participants, 22 teams and 6 divisions. Our draft process follows youth baseball guidelines to ensure proper placement of players and balanced teams in each division. Of course we understand that children and their families have commitments outside of Blue Star, but if the child decides to play baseball, then it's up to the parents to adjust their child's schedule accordingly to allow them to participate fully during the baseball season. Remember that if your child misses a Blue Star game, there is a possibility that it could affect whether the team will have to forfeit due to lack of players. Think about this before making the committment to play in the Blue Star league. 

Junior Umpire Program

If you are interested in being a Junior Umpire please contact Gary Roessler at


Lost and Found

All lost and found items are turned into the snackstand. 

As for the field being open for you to come back and look for your item, the gates are locked each evening after the games. Please note that Blue Star Baseball (and all those affiliated-players, coaches, managers and volunteers) and Emek Hebrew Academy Teichman Family Torah Center are not responsible for ANY items that are lost and/or damaged at the field. Please watch your items!

If you do lose something at the field, do not send us an email asking if we found out, wait until the following week and check at the snack stand to see if it has been turned into them. Immediately following the closing day of baseball season, all unclaimed lost and found items are donated.  All lost and found items will be donated immediately after the season ends.  Please make sure you have all of your belongings, and if not, check with the snackstand prior to the season ending.



Other League Information

**NO PETS (SMALL OR BIG) ---allowed at the fields. Field Management does not allow any pets (small or big) allowed at the fields. Anyone with a pet at the fields will be asked to leave immediately.

**FAQ'S---We encourage you to review our FAQ's section, where you will find a wealth of general information about the league.

**WEATHER-- If you are ever unsure of whether the fields are open (due to inclement weather), please make sure to check the website for updates before going out to the fields.

**OUR FIELDS--Please help keep our fields clean...throw away your trash and leftover food.

**FACEBOOK--Become a fan of Bluestar Baseball on Facebook....Join "Bluestar Baseball"!

**VOLUNTEERS--The league is actively looking for volunteers, please email us at if you are available to participate to help in the league's continued success.  

**FIELD LOCATION---Unless otherwise stated, all Blue Star Baseball games and events are at the: East Valley Baseball Fields 8045 Whitsett Avenue, North Hollywood (corner of Whitsett and Strathern).   There is a parking lot, as well as street parking (as always read any posted parking signs).  Please drive slowly and carefully and watch for pedestrians.  

Please continue to check back on the website and your email for league updates. Thank you again for all of your support!