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Bluefield Area Little League P.O. Box 398, Bluefield  WV 24701


The B.A.L.L. Practice Schedules are now updated through 4-26-2018. You can view or download it by clicking on the Forms Section to the left or the Handout-2018 Forms at the bottom of this page.This takes the Practice Schedule up through Opening Ceremonies Friday, April 27th at 6:00 P.M. With our season officially starting, there will no longer be a Practice Schedule posted as 2018 Season Games will now occupy our fields most of the time. If you do find an opening and want to call a practice, you may claim the field on a first come first serve basis and post it to the Managers / Coaches Group Text.

Due to the amount of Teams, it will be up to the Managers and Coaches to trade, swap practice times, etc. among themselves as B.A.L.L. simply cannot accommodate everyone's schedules. Additionally it will ultimately be up to the Managers and Coaches if they want to utilize these practice times or not, as they are not mandatory. Also, you may have practices at other locations not listed here on days that you are not on the B.A.L.L. Practice Schedule as long as Bluefield Area Little League is made aware of your alternative practice locations.




 BRANDON CLEMINS @ 304-888-6260

TIM HARMON @ 304-952-5827

KYLE CROYE @ 304-952-8415

ROBERT YOUTHER @ 304-922-1967  




Handout: 2018 FORMS