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Monday, October 25
Playoff Bracket

Championship game today @ 1pm 


Monday, October 17
All Star Game

2011 All Stars

Deb Littlefield                                       Jennifer Davis
Cheryl Purpura                                      Heidi Goguen
Kay McLaughlin                                     Heather Holmes
Pam Egan                                                Karen Mendieta
Beth Ann Eddy                                      Kim Tannian
Cheryl Angelo                                          Lisa(Bert) Healey
Andrea Hayes                                        Kihana Mixon
Frankie Meservey                                  Trish Hulme
Michelle Delois                                  Angela Fintonis
Kathy Buote                                           Gina Drouin
Lorrie Hagman                                       Anita Fleming
Beth Wood                                        Michelle Doucette

Coach:                                                   Coach:

Kevin Eddy                                            Mike Walker

If you are listed above and cannot attend, please let Maura know so we can substitute the next highest vote getter from your team.

2013 Play-Off Schedule

Round 1      Saturday   November 2nd   Methuen YMCA

Game 1  10:00am

River vs. Bombers

Game 2  11:30am

Claddagh  vs. Flames

Game 3  1:00pm

Crush  vs. Aftershock

Game 4  2:30pm

Thunder  vs. Shamrocks

Round 2      Sunday   November 3rd   Methuen YMCA

Game 1    11:30am


Game 2    1:00pm


Top seeded Teams are Home

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME     Saturday    November 9th   Methuen YMCA

Game    12:00pm

Top seeded Team is Home

Standings Breakdown

The standings are determined by  1. Team Wins  2. Head to Head 3. Runs For  4. Runs Against  5.Points

In the event there is a tie for number of Wins, then Head to Head games are used, if there still remains a tie, then the team with the greater number of  "Runs For" will get the higher seed. If "Runs For" is also tied, then it goes to "Runs Against".  The Team with the lowest number of "Runs Against" will get the higher seed.  If after all four of these categories are used and there is still a tie,  it will go by Points.  Points are awarded by Wins and Shutouts. Wins=2 points Shutouts=1 point. (forfeits do count as a shutout)

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