Better Late Than Never Softball: Welcome

Team Photos:

The end of the regular season is upon us, we would like to take team photos this coming weekend:

October 25th & 26th

Keith will plan to be at each game, and will take team photos on both Saturday and Sunday.


2014 Playoff Schedule / Tournament

This years playoffs will be a double elimination tournament.

Games will be played at 11:30am and 1:30pm

First Playoff Weekend:  November 1st & 2nd:

  11/1     Game 1    5th place vs. 4th place (11:30am)
  11/1     Game 2    6th place vs. 3rd place (1:30pm)
             11/2     Game 3    Winner of game 1 vs. 1st place (11:30am)
              11/2     Game 4    Winner of game 2 vs. 2nd place (1:30pm)
Second Playoff Weekend:  November 8th & 9th:   
                        11/8     Game 5    Loser of game 2 vs. Loser of game 3        (Loser is out)
                        11/8     Game 6    Loser of game 1 vs. Loser of game 4        (Loser is out)

 11/9     Game 7    Winner of game 3 vs. Winner of game 4
                          11/9     Game 8    Winner of game 5 vs. Winner of game 6    (Loser is out)
Third Playoff Weekend: November 15th & 16th: 
                           11/15   Game 9    Loser of game 7 vs. Winner of game 8      (Loser is out)

  11/16   Game 10  Winner of game 9 vs. Winner of game 7
                         11/16   Game 11  Winner of game 10 vs. Loser of game 10  (if necessary)


Looking forward to another great season of Methuen fall softball.


Click here to view the All Star game pictures 


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