Bonney Lake-Sumner Little League: Welcome

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Mark Your Calendar!!!


APRIL 18th

Daffodil Valley Sports Complex



9:00am -Minors Baseball- Dodgers vs Rangers on Daffodil East

9:00am- Minors Softball- Blue Diamonds vs Green Sparks on Daffodil West

11:00am- Minors Softball Pink Panthers vs Blue Thinder on Daffodil West

12:00noon- AA Baseball-Dodgers vs Mariners on Dafdodil East

1:00pm - Majors Softball Panthers vs Spartans on Daffodil West

3:00pm AA Baseball Angels vs Cardinals on Daffodil East

4:00pm Majors Baseball Pirates vs Cardinals on Daffodil West

6:00pm AA Baseball A's vs Giants on Daffodil East 

6:30pm Majors Baseball-Dodgers vs Maribers on Daffodil West 





8:00 SB Minors Blue Diamonds Minors Dodgers

8:15 SB Minors Green Sparks Minors Rangers

8:30 T-Ball Mariners T-Ball Cardinals

8:45 T-Ball Rangers T Ball Pirates

9:00 SB MP (Lenhardt) Jr's Renegades

9:15 AA Red Sox AA Rangers

9:30 SB Minors Pink Panthers SB Minors Blue Thunder

9:45 CP Cardinals CP Red Sox

10:00 Majors Cardinals Majors Pirates

10:15 AA Dodgers AA Mariners

10:30 AA Pirates CP Rangers


11:00 Minors Pirates CP Dodgers

11:15 Majors Mariners CP Giants

11:30 SB Majors Panthers SB Majors Spartans

11:45 CP A's CP Pirates

12:00 to 1 LUNCH LUNCH

1:00 Majors Rangers CP Angels

1:15 SB MP (Payne) SB MP (Meyer)

1:30 AA Angels AA Cardinals

1:45 CP Cardinals Minors A's

2:00 AA- A's AA Giant's

2:15 Majors Dodgers Minors Mariners


**Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your picture time**

***Pictures will be in the Daffodil Elementary Gymansium***

****We will be selling BLSLL gear and Baden will have a vendor selling bats****  







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Bonney Lake Sumner Little League

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