Bloomfield Home & School Basketball: Rules

Tuesday, December 2
Rules (effective 2015 season)
Playing Rules
1. Each game will consist of four (4) 8 minute periods. The first three periods shall be running time except as follows: 1) Official, 2) Coach, 3) Injury time-outs and 4) two shot free throws. For two shot fouls, the clock will start when the shooter receives the ball for the second shot, except 4th quarter. This will follow NFHS rules. In the fourth period, the clock shall be stopped for each whistle. There will be a three minute half-time.

2. Players should arrive 30 minutes before game time. This will allow for a smooth transition between games and avoid unnecessary delays. Coaches must arrive one hour before game time to take charge of the gym.
Coaches must exchange rosters before each game.

3. Any infractions of these rules will result in disciplinary action.
-In the first period, your strongest players shall participate.
-In the second and third periods, coaches may play any of the remaining players (i.e. anyone except starters may play in either the second or third period).
-If a team has fewer than 15 players, the weakest players, highest number from roster form, from the second period must also play in the third period. Coaches are expected to inform opposing coaches of the number of players eligible to play before the game begins.
-Each player must play at least one full quarter during the first three quarters.
-There is free substitution in the fourth period.
4. In the event of a tie, a four minute overtime period (running time) shall be played. If the game is tied after the first overtime period, the game ends in a tie. There is free player substitution during the overtime period.

5. Four (4) 60-second time-outs are allowed per team and will be recorded by the referee. If the team which calls the time-out is ready to play, then play will resume immediately (i.e. this is in case a time-out is called simply to stop the clock). Each team is awarded an overtime time-out in addition to any unused time-outs from regulation. A designated coach may also call time out from the bench.

6. Teams shall shoot two (2) free throws on the tenth (10) foul of each half. Players, other than the free thrower, may rebound when the free thrower releases the ball, ONLY on the varsity level.
Players cannot foul out. Coaches should utilize timeouts to talk to individuals about their behavior and discuss appropriate means for dealing with frustration, anger, etc.
However, if in the discretion of the referee, a player engages in overt aggression, the player will be removed from the game.

7. Coaches should instruct their players, parents and fans about the importance of sportsmanship and not to engage in debate with the referees. Coaches, players, parents or fans who become unruly will be asked to leave the facility. Any resistance to these instructions will result in forfeiture of the game and possible expulsion from the league.

8. No pressing is allowed. Once possession has been established, the defending team must leave the half-court area and defend their basket. At the Varsity level the defending team must retreat to the top of the key. At the  JV and Freshman levels the defending team must retreat to foul line, of the basket they are defending, until the ball crosses mid-court. Trapping a player when they cross mid-court is not allowed on the Freshman level.

9. The foul shot distance will be determined by playing level. Junior Varsity and Freshman will be allowed to shoot from a shortened distance. Varsity will shoot from the regulation distance.  Only five players may line up on the foul lane, three defensive and two offensive, plus the shooter. The first two lane spaces closest to the basket will be above the first box.

10. No players are allowed to play at both the Varsity and Junior Varsity levels on the same day.

11. All other rules will follow the High School Federation Rule Book including shirts tucked in and shorts worn at waist level.

12. Only one coach may stand during the game. Any other coach will be charged with a technical. Head coach must stand within the coaches box, you side of the table to the last player on your bench. Do not block view of the score keeper.

13. Varsity coach must leave gym after getting one technical. The JV coach must sit after the first technical and must leave after the second.
 14. Bench Decorum. Only teams playing and designated coaches may occupy the bench area, no parents, previous or next game players. All coaches are responsible for the area and players on the bench.Unsportsmanlike behavior from players or coaches on the bench should be dealt with immediately by the head coach. No parents are allowed on or near the team benches. Players will not leave the bench and enter the court other than as a substitute or between periods. Any player leaving for any other reason must be escorted by a coach. If teams leave the bench area during the game, the game will be forfeited and possible expulsion from the league may occur.

15. T-Shirts under game jerseys must be all the same color & either match the color of the jersey or be all white or all black. Each player must have the same t-shirt. All shirts must be tucked in the shorts and the shorts worn at waist height.