Bloomfield American Little League: Welcome

Wednesday, January 17


               Bloomfield American and Bloomfield National Little Leagues have now merged into one League:

Bloomfield Little League

Please visit or for further information and registration dates. 




Welcome To The Parent Connection



Little League® is excited to debut The Parent Connection newsletter! In this issue, and all the others to follow each month, you’ll find important information and tips to make the Little League experience a great one for you and your Little Leaguer®.   Click here to read more



Have A Say In Your Local League



Even though it’s the offseason, your Little League® Board of Directors meets monthly. October is the time of year when parents and volunteers have an opportunity to impact the direction of the league by joining the membership, becoming a Board member, or attending the meetings to weigh in on...
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The Parent Guide To Little League Registration



Like learning to ride a bike and heading off to school for the first time, signing your child up for Little League® is a rite of passage for millions of boys and girls around the world. And walking into your local league’s registration is the first step toward making life-long memories for the entire family.
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Backyard Tips



Your Little Leaguer® doesn’t always need to be on the field in order to improve at baseball or softball. In October, fall ball is all but done, the days are shorter and the weather cooler, but Major League Baseball’s postseason reminds us there is still plenty of excitement on the diamond.
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Little League’s New Parent Committee – Get Involved



Little League® wants to hear from parents. We feel an open dialog will strengthen leagues, and make the Little League experience an even better one for everybody. In 2014, Little League will be developing a Parent Committee, which will serve as an Advisory Board to Little League International...
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