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Blendon-Westerville Little League

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Woodward Park Directions - if a kid pitch game is moved to Woodward Park Field, the directions are available here. 

Welcome to the Blendon-Westerville Little League

Where EVERY child plays EVERY game!

The Blendon-Westerville Little League (BWLL) is the only chartered Little League for Blendon Township, Westerville, Minerva Park, and Northeastern Columbus, including the Forest Park, Northgate, Strawberry Farms, Sharon Woods, Sunbury, and Huber Ridge neighborhoods. We are part of the world's largest and most respected youth sports organization (Little League), with over 2.6 million baseball and softball players in more than 75 countries across the world.

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Our Mission: Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, the Little League program assists youth in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being. By espousing the virtues of character, courage and loyalty, the Little League Baseball and Softball program is designed to develop superior citizens rather than stellar athletes.

Why should your child play in our Little League?

  • Play with 75 years of rules developed by Little League to protect all players
  • Local and national safety programs designed to keep your child safe
  • Open to all girls and boys of any ability or skill
  • Excellent introduction to team sports
  • Community, development, and sportsmanship goals, rather than a "win-at-all costs" atmosphere
  • 26 years of developing local citizens and leaders
  • All-star teams have the chance to play in district competition for Little League World Series
  • EVERY childs plays in EVERY game

BWLL attends and supports our local professional teams:


?BWLL Code of Conduct

No Board Member, Manager, Coach, Player or Spectator shall:
  1. Challenge an umpires authority. The umpire shall have the authority and discretion during a game to penalize any offender with consequences up to and including removal from the game and or facility.
  2. At any time touch or threaten to touch an official, player, coach, or other spectator in any manner.
  3. Verbally or physically insult or abuse any official, board member, manager, coach, player or spectator. This includes speaking disrespectfully to any of the aforementioned.
  4. Exhibit an objectionable demonstration of dissent at an official's decision with any unsportsmanlike behavior including but not limited to throwing water bottles, gloves, helmets, hats, bats or balls.
  5. Use unsportsmanlike rough tactics in the play of a game against any player.
  6. Use profane, obscene or vulgar language in any manner at any time.
  7. Use tobacco products while in the stands or on the playing field or in any dugout at any time. Use of tobacco products will only be permitted in areas 20 feet from any spectator stands or dugouts.
  8. Appear intoxicated or under the influence on the field of play, stands, or anywhere within 100 yards of BWLL activities Intoxicated/ under the influence is defined as having an odor or behavior associated with excessive alcohol consumption or erratic behavior associated with drug use.
  9. Discuss publicly during a game, any play, decision, or a personal opinion of a player in a derogatory or abusive manner.
  10. Tamper or manipulate any league rosters, schedules, official score books, ran kings, financial records or procedures, draft positions, or draft selections.
***Any infractions of the BWLL Code of Conduct by an individual will be referred to the BWLL board for discussion of the offense and determine the disciplinary action to be imposed on the offender, up to and including expulsion from the BWLL.

We need your help!

Every year, BWLL teaches baseball, citizenship, teamwork, and leadership skills to hundreds of children across Northern Columbus, Westerville, Minerva Park, and Blendon Township. We are an all-volunteer program and can only exist with the help of our parents, our community, and our sponsors. For more information about sponsoring or volunteering with BWLL, please contact us at or 614-636-2955.
  • Sponsors: Our sponsors allow us to reduce our registration fees and allow more kids to play baseball. We want to teach every kid who wants to play baseball and our sponsors help us do that. Please help us make a difference in your community this year. We thank all of the sponsors who have helped us this year. Please consider donating to BWLL.
  • Coaches: Our coaches make our Little League great. Many parents have started out coaching tee-ball and have coached their children and grandchildren all the way up through the Juniors Division. We welcome anyone who wants to be a coach, no experience required!
  • Umpires: Every game in every division for kid pitch and up is controlled by an umpire. The umpire calls the strikes, balls, outs, and score for each game. Our group of umpires is led by our Chief Umpire with decades of Little League experience.
  • Concessions: Concessions provide a much needed source of income during the year. We cannot play games without the income our concessions workers provide.
  • Grounds Crew: Our grounds crew works hard before every game preparing our fields for play. It's as easy as riding a tractor! Please consider helping us keep good fields for our players.

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