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Blast 94 Girls
P. Simmons
Columbus, Ohio

Blast 94 Girls: News
Blast 94 Girls

Past Results

Words of Wisdom from the Coach...
Ten Guidelines for Being a Positive Player-Parent:
>         1.          Cheer your daughter on, be supportive of her, console her, but
> do it without judging her, her coach, or her teammates.
>         2.          Many things will aggravate you that do not even faze your
> daughter. Do not make something into an issue if it is not an issue.
>         3.          Encourage your child to seek her own answers. Coaches respect
> players who come to them and privately question their playing time or
> role; it immediately indicates they care.
>         4.          Understand the rules of the game, and the coach's philosophy.
>         5.          Do your physical part as a parent. Get your child to practice
> on time and pick her up promptly. Demonstrating responsibility and
> commitment can be incredibly effective.
>         6.          Positions and talent sometimes do not match up. Coaches attempt
> to do what is best for the team, putting the best physical mix and the
> best "chemistry" on the field. That may mean that sometimes your
> daughter may be playing out of position in an attempt to strengthen
> the "team." A positive spin by you can go a long way in helping her
> adjust to a new role. Stay positive, and maybe she will flourish.
>         7.          If you have real concerns, and your daughter has unsuccessfully
> attempted to work things out with her coach on her own, schedule a
> meeting with the coach, and have your child attend with you (you may
> not be hearing the whole story - a common occurrence). If you are
> trying to resolve a problem, help your child by being a role model in
> the problem solving procedure.
>         8.          Never approach a coach with complaints after a tough game.
> Wait, and schedule a visit after everyone cools off. Most coaches are
> highly competitive and, just like players, do not like to be
> confronted after tough games.
>         9.          Please think before criticizing anyone connected with your
> daughter's club or team. Criticism is contagious and often hurtful.
> The damage you do could be irreversible.
>         10.          Visibly show that you enjoy watching your daughter perform;
> this will make her feel better about her participation, no matter what
> her role is. View Our Guestbook | Sign Our Guestbook
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