Blanchard Bulldogs: Welcome

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!?!?

Welcome to the Blanchard Bulldog Youth Football Association  

As our season is coming to an end please join us in supporting each of our teams as they participate in the Annual YMCA Souper Bowl. The Souper Bowl will be held Nov. 2nd and it is a HUGE can food drive for the YMCA of NW Louisiana. As we get the team schedules we will post it here.

Remember there is admission into the Souper Bowl

Adults $3 (bring 2 can goods get in for $1)

All Student age children $2 (bring 2 can goods get in for $1)

Children 5 & under, all Players & Cheerleaders in uniform and all Coaches are free



Football Directors this season are Britt Gunn and Shawn Saunders and Spirit Director is Jessica Smith. We are all very excited to be apart of this organization and are looking forward to another successful season. Teams are once again Kindergarten-6th grade (4yrs-11yrs) for both football players and cheerleaders. 

Some things that will help your player prepare for the season are sit ups, push ups, running and agilities. This will help them be ahead of the game as far as strength and conditioning. Also, remember practices will start on the Monday after the 1st sign up date. It is very hot this time of year and it helps if your child is spending time outside to get acclimated to the hot temperatures. Please make sure your player is staying hydrated.  




Please keep checking the website for updates.