Blair Volleyball Club: Blair Elite 121's

Thursday, March 17

   Legacy Challenge

12 Silver

   March 19, 2016

              BE AT THE GYM BY 7:20


Hosted by Club Legacy Volleyball Academy @ THE MARK

Address: 20903 Cumberland, Elkhorn NE 68022 (southwest entrance)


Parking: Parking is available on the south, west and north area of the building.

Please do not park along the curb or in the grass.

Concessions: Available throughout THE MARK – Healthy Lunch Items will be Sold by the Mark

NO outside food or drinks are permitted or coolers. 

You are able to bring outdoor collapsible chairs, but they have to have rubber on the feet. There will be limited room for these chairs as we also have stadium seating available.

THE MARK Admission charges: Must have a stamp to re-enter the facility without re-charge

Adults: $5 / Children: $3 (12 under) / Children 4 yrs & under FREE   




Pool A Pool B Pool C

1. Performance 12 NIKE 1. Future Stars 12’s 1. Heartland VBC 121

2. Sioux City Impact 11 2. Attack 122 2. PVC 12 U National

3. Legacy 12 Accelerator 3. Blair Elite 121’s 3. Attack 123            

4. Electric Force Bolts DC 12


  Court 1 Court 2   Court 3

8:00       A1 -A3           A2 ref                                  B1 - B3                B2 ref                    C1 - C3              C2 ref

8:45       A2 -A4          A1 ref                                   B2 - B3                B1 ref                    C2 - C3              C1 ref

              A1 -A4           A3 ref                                  B1 - B2                 B3 ref                   C1 - C2              C3 ref

              A2 -A3          A4 ref                                       XXXXX                                                     XXXXX  


             G1) #4 - #5          #1 ref                          G2) #3 - #6           #2 ref                  S1) #7 – #10           #8/#9 ref

             G3) #1 - wnr G1     lsr G1 ref                    G4) #2 - wnr G2 l   sr G2 ref              S2) #8 - #9 lsr         S1 ref

             G5) lsr G1 – lsr G2      lsr G3 ref                              XXXXX                                S3) lsr S1 - lsr S2      lsr G4 ref

             G7) wnr G3 – wnr G4   lsr G5 ref              G6) lsr G3 – lsr G4   wnr S3 ref           S4) wnr S1 -wnr S2   lsr S3 ref 


 WATER Bottles ONLY – on the courts. The court area should be clean of litter. NO OPEN CONTAINERS 4. Facility Policies: a. NO COOLERS will be allowed in the facility or on premises at any time. b. There is to be no tailgating – including alcohol in the parking lot c. Trash: Teams pick up your trash in the areas as you leave them. Please let us know of any spill ASAP.