Blair Volleyball Club: Welcome

 2016-2017 Blair Elite Volleyball Club 

Welcome to the 2016-2017 Club Volleyball Season.  We are very excited to have all of you participating this season!  

 Please bring a copy of your Medical release form.  



Apparel Orders are due Thursday December 8th. They should be complete by practice on Saturday December 17th. 


 REMINDER:  If you have not made your 2nd payment please contact me to make arrangements.


Great Plains Registration Club Up-date

44 of our 47 players are registered.  Please complete the registration by Thursday December 8th so you'll be able to practice.

Why it's important to get registered asap.

1.) So I can practice on Dec. 8th

2.) So I can be placed on a roster

3.) So we can register for tournaments.  

Please get your registrations done ASAP.


Please notice the Saturday December 10th and Saturday December 17th practice time have changed to 1:00-3:00. 


There are a few important things that need to be done before the start of the season. All players need to register with the Great Plains Region.  You can do this by going to the website at 


Use the following steps when registering as a member of the Great Plains Region of USA Volleyball!

 1) Register Online: Go to Click the NEW Member Registration under the quick links area. If you are a new member, you may want to print the Registration Instructions then follow the link for a first time member. If you are a returning member, click Membership Login from the Home page. If you do not remember your login, click Forgot Password on the upper left side of the screen after you click Membership Login. To retrieve your login, the members name, email address and birthday must be entered. The email address you type in must match the email address in the account. If the email address in that account has changed, contact the Great Plains registrar at

2) Once you have logged into your account (for returning members), click Member Area. Then click Renew Membership on the left side of the screen or on the top of the page where it says “To apply for your membership, click HERE.”

3) SCREEN #1 – Enter or Verify your personal information. a) If junior member, select current grade.

4) Click Continue

5) SCREEN #2 – Select Club (BLAIR ELITE) from the dropdown menu at the top right of the screen.

 6) Select membership type. a) Junior members – parent/guardian information must be entered.

7) Participant information a) Adults – select ALL roles that apply.

8) Click Submit’

9) SCREEN #3 - Confirmation screen: a) Select Payment Method i. Pay now via Credit Card 1. Select Credit Card type (Visa or MasterCard) 2. Enter credit card number 3. Enter 3 digit code on back of credit card 4. Enter expiration date of credit card 5. Enter name as it appears on credit card ii. Submit payment with application 1. Select this option and send check to Region office b) You MUST open the USA Volleyball Waiver and Release of Liability. Read it. Close the document. c) You MUST open the USA Volleyball Code of Conduct. Read it. Close the document. d) You MUST open the Jr Club Personnel Code of Ethics (if required). Read it. Close Document. e) Check the box that you have read and agree with each disclaimer. f) After reading the Use Agreement, check the box. g) Enter the driver’s license or state ID number for the individual consenting above. (Note: the driver’s license or state ID number is for verification purposes only.)

10) Click Confirm.

11) After you click confirm, you will receive a message that states “Your membership application has been successfully submitted”.

Players that fall in the 11 & under age category (see Age Definition chart on website) will register for $25. You will see this option listed as an “Other Junior” member category. This is a full membership which allows them to play at any tournament within region or out of region.


A Medical History and Release form must be completed by every junior player and given to their club director. This form can be printed from the confirmation page during the registration process or can be obtained from the FORMS section on the Great Plains website or from the club director. DO NOT SEND the medical history and release form to the Great Plains office.  


Each team must again have a minimum of 2 certified player referees and 2 certified scorers.  It is recommended that each team also have 2 certified line judges.  Certified players will be noted on the roster when the certification requirements have been completed.  Only the certified players may officiate during the team's assigned officiating time.  It would be beneficial to all teams to have more than the minimum number of stated officials.



GP17_101 - Great Plains Junior Player – REFEREE

This clinic is for Junior club players who want to fulfill the referee requirement for this season.  The clinic consists of four modules.  R1, R2, Line judge, and Jr Signals.  To complete the clinic, you must take all modules.  Your membership will be updated upon completion and the acknowledgment will show on the team roster when printed.  You will see a ‘Y’ under the ref column on the roster.


GP17_102 - Great Plains Junior Player – SCORER

This clinic is for Junior club players who want to fulfill the scorer requirement for this season.  The clinic consists of three modules.  Scoring Basics, Deciding Set and Libero Tracker.  To complete the clinic, you must take all modules.  Your membership will be updated upon completion and the acknowledgment will show on the team roster when printed.  You will see a ‘Y’ under the Score column on the roster. 


The 2017 season is the second of a two year rulebook cycle.  There are no new rules for the 2017 season.  Therefore, any Junior member who took their Rules and Scoring clinics last year and are marked as current in their membership record will have those certification(s) extended by one year.  You will not have to take the clinic(s) this season.  Anyone who did not complete their clinic(s) may complete them this season.  All certifications from last season and this season will expire October 31, 2017.



Schedule for December         Teams

Monday   December 5th                     6:00pm - 7:30 pm    High School Aux. gym        All players cancelled due to 9th grade basketball game conflict with the gym

Thursday December 8th                  6:00pm - 7:30pm     High School Main. gym  All players

Saturday December 10th                1:00pm - 3:00pm   High School Main gym   All players
  (note time change for this date) 11/28/16 changed 
Monday  December 12th                    6:00pm -  7:30pm    High School Aux. gym        All players
Thursday December 15th                   6:00pm - 7:30pm     High School Aux. gym        All players
Saturday December 17th               1:00pm - 3:00pm   High School Aux. gym     12's-14's 
       (note time change for this date) 11/20/16 changed 
Schedule for January          Teams  TBA
Thursday January 5 6:00-7:30 High School Aux. gym  
Saturday January 7 1:00-3:00                  High School Main gym
Monday January 9 6:00-7:30                  High School Aux. gym
Thursday January 12 7:00-8:30                  Otte Middle School
Saturday January 14  1:00-3:00                  High School Main gym
Monday January 16 6:00-7:30                  High School Aux. gym
Thursday January 19 7:00-8:30                  Otte Middle School
Saturday January 21 1:00-3:00                  High School Main gym 
Monday January 23 6:00-7:30                  Otte Middle School
Thursday January 26 7:00-8:30                  Otte Middle School 
Saturday January 28 1:00-3:00                  Otte Middle School
Monday January 30 6:00-7:30                  High School Aux. gym

 Laurel Derry, Club Director

cell phone number is (402)305-1305. 

Brandi Nicholsen, Coach  (402)427-4571
Mandy Grabbe, Coach (402)720-3730

If school is cancelled we will not have practice.  Please check the website frequently for updates and information.  You can also contact me, Laurel Derry, Club Director at or my cell phone number is (402)305-1305. 



Please email for available times if you'd like a private or group lesson at Nebraska Elite  Individual lessons are $60.00. Group lessons are $45 per player.  Fee includes the court rental and coaching.




 "Every time you stay out late; every time you sleep in; every time you miss a workout; every time you don't give 100%- You make it that much easier for me to beat you out of a position or in a match"-  Unknown

"There is one quality that one must possess to win,  and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it."   Napoleon Hill

"Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most"

"It is not the mountain we conquer, it's ourselves"  Edmund Hillary

"It's not the will to win that matters-everyone has that.  It the will to prepare to win that matters"  -Paul "Bear" Bryant


If you have any questions please be sure to call, email or text. 

Laurel Derry; home (402) 426-5334; cell (402)305-1305; work (402)827-6260