Black Hills Blast: Welcome

Monday, June 14
Welcome Blast team, parents & friends.

Okay Parents and Players

I was reading over the rules of the National Qualifier Tournement and there are no Pick Up Players Allowed. So, that being said we will have a 9 girls roster this weekend....but we will do great I know it. I will need a copy of everyone's birth certificate so that I can sign in at the tournament. A black/white photo copy will do, so please have them to me by the game on wednesday (or ASAP). If you want to send it PDF to me I can print it out as well, I know I should have collected these a while ago, but I forgot, I am sorry. Our first game is Saturday at Sherman Park, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57104....on the SW corner of W. 12th St. and S. Kiwanis Ave. There are four fields right on the corner which are fields ABCD, then farther south there are fields EFGH. I believe the entrance to the parking lot by the southern fields is off of Kiwanis still (but it has been 10 years for me). I will register our team on Friday when I get there, but everyone else does not need to be there until the game on Saturday. Our first game is at 8am so I would like the girls there at 7am. I have attached the Game times again in PDF format. We have games Sat at 8:00, 12:30, 3:30, 5:00 so make sure you have a means of staying well hydrated. We will be wearing Silver on Saturday (mix-matched socks). Remember that any under-garments must be black as it is a rule that we wear the same colors. Be prepared for it to be chilly and dewy in the mornings, but extremely hot during the day.

As for the Fan Gear, I have not heard of it coming in yet, but I will keep checking all week long. Attached is a spreadsheet showing what you bought and what is owed total. If you have already paid this would not be reflected on the spreadsheet. Please get the money to LouAnn or myself as soon as you can.

Let have a great weekend of softball! GO BLAST!

Tuesday, May 25
Team Pictures!

Hello everyone,

We will be having team pictures done Wednesday May 26th at the ASA Fields by the pool.  Please meet there no later than 5:15pm.  We will be wearing our White uniforms with green socks.

Tuesday, May 4
Never Say You Can't and Always Hustle!

The next time you don't think that you can do something or you think you are hustling and giving your all, remember this little guy.  Never be out-hustled...never allow yourself not to try or be afraid!

Thursday, April 22
Hoodie Art


Dakota Sports came up with some art work for our Hoodies and this is what was chosen, just wanted everyone to know.