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Monday, April 23
Middleburg Black Creek Bowl Association

The Middleburg Black Creek Bowl


5K Run

It happened two years ago, on an early November, there were youth football teams from around North Florida who converged into Middleburg prepared to do battle. Battle for what you ask? The Covenant Black Creek Bowl Trophy and bragging rights for another year to say they were the Champions!  Also, let us not forget the hot deep fried cheese pretzels, and the smell of favorite concession items, with a sweet tea.  Something about the tea in Middleburg, the kids seem too grow big during these months. Since the first year of the bowl games, there has been a following to attend this bowl, and all of its mystic attributes, therefore allowing for growth into the Black Creek Bowl Association. The Association has added a 5K run to the day of events for the many runners, and the Middleburg Historic Festival is going on while the teams battle it out on the Grid Iron, thus making it the event for the day with so many things to do that day in one area. 

The Bowl games are filled with Quality teams looking for one more great game before the season ends, and so far every year has lived up to the hype. It is a great way to unwind from the season, and have lots of fun, and comaraderey with other players, coaches, and volunteers. The many vendors on site provide shirts, mementos, and memories from the sale of their products while the games are played out. The volunteers of this event look forward to the kids coming and playing every year for the simple fact of the expressions of the kids, and there enjoyment of the bowl games.  The game of football teaches many values, and lessons, and therefore is the outlet the event organizers have chosen to use to get the message of community across too the many participants, and coaches who attend.  “Community is everything “says Larry LeClair who is the VP of The Black creek bowl Association.  The bowl games and the run are sponsored by the many local businesses in Middleburg, and The Middleburg Civic Association who put on the Historic festival.  This year will be the third year of the Bowl games, and VP Larry LeClair says the event will be bigger, and more exciting than ever when the teams converged to Middleburg for the Black Creek Bowl Trophy!

For more Information about team Registration Please Call 904-237-0500