Birmingham Metro Baseball League: Managers

Wednesday, March 1

The deadline for entering teams in the '06 Summer Season has lapsed, however the BMBL will continue to look for potential managers for the '07 season.  If you have a passion for competitive baseball and want to organize a team to compete in the BMBL, please contact Kris or Jarred at   See below for more information of how managers formed teams in 2006.

In order to form teams, we need POTENTIAL MANAGERS to fill out a roster listing out all players they have claimed to their respective team.  Although the roster does not have to reach the minimum of 14 players at this time, please fill this out as completely as possible and email to This is important because we are trying to guage player requirements for our draft/player allocation. (roster available below).

During the months of February and March, the BMBL will host a registration campaign and will release an online form to create the player pool. On this form, there will be a place to select the team you choose to play for if you have one.The draft/player allocation day tentatively will be in early April. On this day, all managers will meet with the BMBL officials and a tryout will take place.  Teams that need additional players will have the opportunity to "draft" players.

Without volunteers for managers that want to field competitive teams, the BMBL will not be a success and we thank you in advance for your commitment to the league.



The duties of the manager shall be:

1. Assemble a team of players consisting of at least 14 players.

2. Assure that each player on his team meets the minimum age requirement of 18.

3. Insure that his team always has enough players for each game.

4. Responsible for making sure his team is properly uniformed and always has game balls for each game.

 5. Responsible for team finances including collection of team and league fees and prompt payment of all league bills.

6. Abide by the League Constitution and directives, including meeting League guidelines.

7. Insure that each of his players understand their financial responsibility to the league and team, including the risk of not having personal health insurance.

8. Responsible for the conduct of his players during the game.

 9. Responsible for updating scores/stats into the League web-site after each game (within a 48 hour period).

10. Upholds the integrity of the BMBL by always conducting himself in a way that is consistent with good sportsmanship.

11. Deciding if weather conditions and playing fields are suitable for league play within a reasonable period around the scheduled game time. (Longer term decisions about weather conditions and field suitability will be made by the commissioners).

12. Is responsible for attending or assigning someone on the team roster to attend ALL league meetings.

*Although sponsors are not required, it is highly suggested that all potential mangagers seek out some sponsorship to bring the cost down for their team. We will be glad to assist you with this.

*League fees are set at $155 per player for a team of 14 ($2170) and $50 for each additional player (maximum of 18 players). These will be due prior to the season.

*Send questions/comments to

Handout: BMBL Roster