Birmingham Metro Baseball League: FAQs

How competitive is your league? We are doing everything in our power to insure that the level of play in the BMBL high. This will depend however on the dedication of each manager. It is ultimately the responsibility of the manager to field his team with competitve players!

What do I have to do to enter a team into the league?
See the Managers link.

How do I get on a team? The most important step is to fill out the Registration Form. On the form you can either enter as a free agent or select a team you wished to be placed on. If the manager of the team you asked to be placed on agrees then you are automatically on his team. Otherwise you will be entered as a free agent and will be placed on a team during the draft.


Will there be a draft? Our draft/player allocation day will be tentatively held on April 13th at Spain Park Sports Complex at 2pm. We encourage all free agents to attend the draft for their best chance at getting placed on a team. However, if a free agent can not attend the draft, then please email with your contact info, baseball experience, and position.

What if I don’t get drafted? Due to the increasing popularity of this league, we cannot guarantee that every player will be placed on a team. But we are going to try our best to find a place for everyone to play or at minimum be entered into our player pool as a free agent for teams that need to pick up players as the season progresses.


When does your season start? We will open the 2008 season with a double-elimination tournament May 17th and 18th at Spain Park Sports Complex. We will play the regular season from May 20th through the end of July with a championship game on July 27th. There will be a total of about 14 regular season games.


Who makes the playoffs? The top 4 seeds will make the playoffs. Teams will be seeded based on their regular season record.


How old do I have to be? You need to be 18 years of age by December 31, 2008 to be eligible for the BMBL.

How old is too old? There is no upper age limit. Play in the BMBL as long as you feel you can be competitive.


How often do you play? Each team will play 2 games per week, either a double header on Sunday or a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night game and a Sunday game (Sunday games at 1pm, 4pm or 7pm).


How many innings do you play? All regular season games will be 7 innings. We may play some 9 inning games during tournaments.


Is there a time limit? Primarily 7 inning games with a 2 hour and 30 minute time limit. 9 inning games, will have a 3 hour time limit.


What time are your games? Weekday games will be at 7pm. Sunday games will either be at 1, 4 or 7.


How many players can I have on my team? Recommended minimum of 14 and a there is no maximum. However to be eligible for the playoffs a player must play in 7 games or pitch 15 innings.


What happens if I take a player off my roster? Any player taken off a roster can only be re-added to another BMBL roster once during the year. They can be re-added to any team, including the original team. There is no restriction on adding non-BMBL players along as you have room on your roster.


How much does it cost to play? League fees are paid on a team by team basis. League fees are approximately $2,000 for 2008. This breaks down to approximately $150 per player plus uniform and equipment costs.

League fees cover field rental, 4 dozen balls per team, umpires for the entire season, and membership in the national MSBL organization (which allows you to play in tournaments).

Each team will require additional funds to cover uniforms and equipment like helmets, bats, and catcher's equipment.

When are team fees due? League fees must be paid to the commissioner by May 1st.


How fast is the pitching? Most will throw around 80 mph. But this is variable. We have some pitchers that will be pushing 90 while others might be in the upper 70s. Accurate pitchers are hard to come by, so we encourage managers to take some time to field there team with quality pitchers.

Where do you play? We use Parks and Recreation fields around the
Birmingham metropolitan area. We pay the parks for the use of their facilities using your league fees. Some fields we play on are Spain Park Sports Complex, Hoover High School, and Spain Park High School.


Where do you practice? Field vendors don't really distinguish games from practices, so practicing at a field like Spain Park Sports Complex will cost your team. Practices will need to be coordinated through the league office.


How do we get jerseys? The BMBL must approve of all Jerseys and team names! We suggest ordering your jerseys at least 4-5 weeks before the season starts as most vendors will require the lead time to produce 14 + uniforms. So, Uniforms should be ordered by April 15th. We have some preferred vendors, please contact the league office for more information.


How many teams are there? There were 8 teams in 2006 and 7 teams in 2007. We are unsure of how many in 2008, between 6-8 teams. If you are interested in putting a team in the league, email before April 1st, 2008



How can I help the league?


¨ Tell people to fill out the Registration form on our website!!!!!!


¨ Go to our Handouts page and download and forward our form letter about the league to anyone you think might have a slight interest in the league, or to someone who even knows someone who might have an interest in the league.



¨ Invite people to join our Facebook Page: direct link:


¨ Invite people to friend our Myspace page: