Big West Catholic Conference: By Laws and Rules

Thursday, December 8
By Laws and Rules

The by-laws and rules for the conference are created by the athletic directors from the member schools.  They are voted upon before making an update.  The by-laws and rules are then reviewed by the principals of the member schools.  Each year, a principal agreement form is signed signaling the schools intent to continue with the conference.

When a sport rule is not covered in the conference rules document, the rule reverts to the IHSA rule for that given sport.  Any rule found in the conference by-laws and/or rules documents will supercede the similar IHSA rule.

By-laws and rules are created to help promote fairness, create an environment of physical, mental, and moral growth, and allow for the experiences needed to reach the educational objectives of interscholastic athletics.

Any player, coach, or parent who has an idea to expand, enhance, or update a rule may reach out their school's Athletic Director (AD).  The AD will then determine if they will bring the suggestion up with the conference during the AD meetings.  The conference will then consider and, if necessary, vote on the idea.  A majority vote is necessary to include the idea in the by-laws and/or rules.

A copy of the by-laws and rules can be found on the handouts page.