Big Valley Youth Little League Baseball: Welcome

Sunday, March 11
Welcome to the Home of Big Valley Youth Little League Baseball. Our objective is to implant firmly in the children of this community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority, so that they may be well adjusted, stronger and happier children and will grow to be good, decent, healthy and trustworthy citizens.

Big Valley area includes: Reedsville, Yeagertown, Milroy/Siglerville, Belleville, McVeytown, and Longfellow.

Sunday, August 13
Major League Fall Ball Schedule

Here are the current games scheduled for major league fall baseball. More games will be added in the near future. All games will begin at 5:30pm

8/24/17 - Big Valley Gray @ Big Valley Red (Belleville Field)

8/28/17 - Big Valley Red @ Big Valley Gray (Reedsville Youth Park Field)

8/31/17 - Big Valley Gray @ MC Royal (Kish Park)

8/31/17 - MC Navy @ Big Valley Red (Belleville)

9/1/17 - Big Valley Red @ State College (Double header) 6:00pm 

9/5/17 - MC Navy @ Big Valley Gray ( Reedsville)

9/8/17 - Big Valley Red @ MC Royal (Kish Park)

9/12/17 - MC Royal @ Big Valley Gray ( Reedsville)

9/12/17 - Big Valley Red @ MC Navy  (Kish Park)

9/14/17 - Big Valley Gray @ MC Navy (Kish Park)

9/15/17 - MC Royal @ Big Valley Red (Belleville)

9/15/17 - Big Valley Gray @ State College (Double Header) 6:00pm 

Sunday, August 13
Minor League Fall Ball Schedule

Here are the current games scheduled for minor league fall baseball. More games will be added in the near future. All games will begin at 5:30pm unless otherwise noted.

8/24/17 - Rothrock/Belleville @ Reedsville Bluejays

8/24/17 - Reedsville Giants @ Milroy

8/29/17 - Reedsville Giants @ Rothrock/Belleville (McVeytown Field)

8/29/17 - Reedsville Bluejays @ Milroy

8/31/17 - Milroy @ Rothrock/Belleville (McVeytown Field)

8/31/17 - Reedsville Bluejays @ Reedsville Giants 

9/6/17 - Reedsville Giants @ MC Black (Rec Park)

9/6/17 - Rothrock/Belleville @ Milroy

9/7/17 - MC Green @ Reedsville Bluejays

9/10/17 - MC Green @ Rothrock/Belleville (McVeytown Field) (5:00pm start)

9/10/17 - MC Black@ Reedsville Bluejays (5:00pm start) 

9/11/17 - MC Black @ Milroy

9/11/17 - Reedsville Giants @ MC Green (Rec Park)

9/11/17 - Reedsville Bluejays @ Rothrock/Belleville (McVeytown Field) 

9/13/17 - Rothrock/Belleville @ MC Black (Rec Park)

9/13/17 - Reedsville Giants @ Reedsville Bluejays

9/14/17 - MC Green @ Milroy

9/18/17 - MC Black @ Reedsville Giants

9/18/17 - Reedsville Bluejays @ MC Green (Rec Park)

9/20/17 - Reedsville Bluejays @ MC Black (Rec Park)

9/20/17 - Milroy @ Reedsville Giants 

9/21/17 - Rothrock/Belleville @ MC Green (Rec Park) 

9/23/17 - MC Green @ Reedsville Giants (10:00am start)

9/23/17 - Milroy @ MC Black (Rec Park) (10:00am start)

9/27/17 - Rothrock/Belleville @ Reedsville Giants 

10/1/17 - MC Black @ Rothrock/Belleville (Mcveytown Field) (2:00pm start)

10/1/17 - Milroy @ MC Green (Rec Park) (2:00pm start)

10/4/17 - Milroy @ Reedsville Bluejays 

10/7/17 - 10/8/17 - 8 team double elimination tournament. Keep dates open. More information to follow. 

Tuesday, May 16
Major League Super Series

The Big Valley Major League Super Series will be held June 6th, 8th, and 9th. June 6th game will be a play in game between the #4 and #5 seeded teams. The #4 seed will host the game. The winner will advance. All games on June 8th and 9th will be played in Belleville. The higher seeded team will be the home team.

Tuesday, May 16
Minor League Super Series

The Big Valley Minor League Super Series will be played on June 8th, 9th, and 11th

Tuesday, May 16
9&10 year old All Star Tryouts

Tryouts for the Big Valley 9&10 year old all star team will take place on June 3rd at 2:00pm and June 4th at 6:00pm at the Reedsville Youth Park. Any player interested in trying out for the all star team must attend one of the two dates.

Sunday, April 16
2017 Game Schedules

Please see the handouts sections for 2017 schedules for Majors, Minors, and Coach Pitch

Friday, June 26
Link to PA District 5 Website

All Star Tournament Brackets can be found here.. Good Luck Big Valley All Stars!

Wednesday, February 25
Big Valley Map (Click to open Google maps)

League boundary map and field directions.

Wednesday, February 12
2015 Modified Coach Pitch rules: See Handouts section

Wednesday, March 11
PA Required Background checks:

Links for Child Abuse and Criminal Background checks:

PA State Police – Criminal Background Check

 PA –Sexual Abuse Background Check