Big House Rock: Welcome

Big House Rock Athletics

Welcome - Big House Rock Basketball is a faith-based basketball development program that leverages repetitive fundamentals training, under a Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) philosophy, to develop young student-athletes over a prolonged period. We believe that we must first Train-to-Train, then Train-to-Compete before we Train-to-Win.

We Train - our fundamentals approach is to use on-court development sessions to develop athletic discipline, build key personal player concepts, and shape valuable life skills, such as Personal Goals and Growth, Interpersonal Skills, Commitment, Teamwork, Responsibility, Integrity, and Discipline. We call this imprint PICTR-ID – a set of long-term character traits that can be developed through sport competition. While we train, we also play - Big House Rockutilizes creative formats during our sessions, as well as league and tournament play, to re-inforce what we have learned.  The result is permanent skills that enable our atheletes to play smart basketball, eliminate unnecessary mistakes, work together effectively, and build championship cultures that lead to winning basketball teams.

Big House Rock Basketball is not a win-at-all-costs program; Big House Rock prepares our student athletes for big things to come as they come in their time. Our Long-Term Athlete Development program serves several valuable functions:

  • Develop skill and confidence through age-appropriate repetition
  • Provide more playing time in competitive opportunities
  • Leverage athletic discipline and commitment to develop courage and skills to reach for one’s personal best

Big House Rock is far more than a sports program, it is a support system enabling our young persons to readily accept and enjoy a life guided by faith and mentoring. If you have a son or daughter that is interested, Coach's looks for are held each month as an initial evaluation for parents and players alike to seee what our program is about. You can reach us by email us at, or call us at 214-763-6547 - we will be happy to get you all the information you need.