Carroll Tiger Football Big Cat Club: Welcome

Monday, September 24

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Carroll Tiger BCC



President: Phillip Franco

President Elect: Crispin Mendez 

Vice President: Melve Franco 

Treasurer: Larry Page

Secretary: Melinda Carrasco

Historian: Brandon Gonzalez

Media Guide: Crispin Mendez


Yes we can, yes we will





We hail thee Carroll High School Your Blue and White shall shine Untouched by any shadow Your colors gleam through time. Our hearts shall sing forever The love that makes you strong And never bring dishonor To your victorious throng.
~Joseph Murphy - words~
~Loren Hall - music~

Fight on Tigers, we'll always stand by you.
Go you Tigers, we will ever sing and cheer for you too.
Win you Tigers, our hearts will ever yearn For the Blue and White
banner waving proudly for Carroll High!
~Loren Hall~

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