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Wednesday, July 19




Great emphasis is placed every year on the championship.  Whether it’s a city championship, a region or a state championship, there is only one champion or co-champion.

When you think of a champion, a champion is conditioned for the task supreme, confident in coaching, courageous when the going gets rough, champions never say enough, hard to meet the games bad breaks, have the edge to know just what it takes, hands that work through thick and thin, honest champions play to win.

Ambitious to develop now - Abilities that god endowed - Aiming high to meet the test - A champion wants to be the best. - Marked and watched where ever he goes - Model traits he has to show - The other men he must defeat - Modest in the victor’s seat. - Practice practice, ever on the move - Plugging daily to improve. - Perfection that he will never see - Perilous chance that will never be.