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Football is the greatest team game in all of sports.  Why, because there are approximately 100 players on a team, and you must have an offensive team, a defensive team and of course special teams.  Plus people to play in case of injury or adversity.

Players and coaches must always be on the same page in unity with one another to ensure victory.   You must set personalities aside and bring each players character to the forefront for the good of the team.  Here are the key words; I, me and mine, change to we, us and ours. 

The law of the jungle is as old and as true as the sky, and that the wolf that keeps it may prosper, but the wolf that must break it must die.  As the creeper that curdles the tree trunk, the law will run forward and back and the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack. 




NC runner 14
Sunday, November 9


North Carroll, a team from Carroll County in Maryland is up next for the Allegany Camper football team.

The word around the area is the Panthers are all that with a good passing team.

The Panthers colors are Black and Red and are from Hampstead, Maryland. 

If you are thinking of going to the game this Friday, (and I hope you do,) the address is;

1400 Panther Drive, Hampstead, Maryland  21074

The Panthers are 8-2 on the 2014 season.  5-0 at home and 3-2 on the road.  Last Friday, the Panthers defeated rival Manchester Valley 35-21 to keep second place in the 1A West.  If Allegany would of won homecomng, the Blue and White would of be the number two seed in the 1A West.  So the win over Man Valley was huge for the Panthers.

The Panthers have scored 269 points on the 2014 season and given up 155.  A common opponent for the Campers and Panthers would be Francis Scott Key.  Carroll defeated them during the year whereas the Campers scrimmaged them in the pre-season and dominated in that game.  FSK is 0-10 for the 2014 season.  North Carroll is a junior dominated team that likes to pass.

Panthers win over Manchester Valley: 

There was more at stake on Friday night than just bypass bragging rights. North Carroll was playing to keep its No. 2 seed in the Class 1A West region and, in all likelihood, Manchester Valley needed a win just to make the playoffs.

After a tight first half, the Panthers (8-2, 5-2 county) dominated the third quarter on the way to a 20-7 victory over the rival Mavericks (6-4, 4-3) to close the regular season.

North Carroll is in the postseason for the second year in a row and will host a first-round game next week.

Instead of relying on quarterback Jack Flowers, one of the top passers in the county, North Carroll turned to the ground game and Coby Lowe on Friday.

“We wanted to get really out on the run games this week. Last week we had some trouble against South Carroll,” Lowe said. “We wanted to get it right going into the playoffs. I love my lineman. They do so much for me.”

Lowe toted the ball 26 times for 160 yards and a touchdown. His longest run was a 59-yard dash in the second quarter inside the Mavericks' 10-yard line and it set up his subsequent four-yard scoring plunge.

The Panthers depended on Lowe big in the second half and even though they didn't score after an opening drive that consumed six minutes and four seconds, the won the field position battle for the majority of the half and kept Manchester Valley far from the end zone.

Missing several big pieces on offense, the host Mavericks weren't able to string together more than one scoring drive. Star two-way player Luke Hochheiser was out with an injury, which took away arguably the Mavs' best weapon on the offensive side of the ball and the offense was playing with backup quarterback Jake Gerber with Brody Coleman still sidelined.

“North Carroll did a good job of getting pressure on us tonight and it threw us off,” Mavs coach Tony Shermeyer said. “We were scrambling and trying to find plays that were working. We just couldn't get any rhythm.” And even when the Mavs had a late hope of mounting a comeback, Gerber suffered what looked to be a lower body injury late in the fourth quarter and had to be carted off as wide receiver Zach Scott went under center as an emergency quarterback.

With the loss and other results around the state, it looks like the Mavericks will miss the playoffs by the narrowest of margins after reaching the postseason the past two years.

“I let the seniors know they've done a lot this year and should be proud of what they've done here,” Shermeyer said. “I told the juniors to start hitting the weight room if they don't want this same feeling next here as they had tonight. Preparing for next year starts now.”

With the playoffs looming, NC coach Todd Edmondson didn't seem too concerned his guys would overlook their bypass challenger. “We got a good start tonight and that was key. Man Valley is a good team and they have some good players,” Edmondson said. “But we came out focused tonight and I'm really proud of the way my guys played.” Although the Panthers typically pass a little more than they did on Friday night, Flowers was efficient completing 9 of 15 passes for 78 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

The victory sews up the regular season and for a second straight year, the Panthers will be headed to the playoffs. After getting the program's first postseason win last fall, this veteran group knows what it takes to win when the temperature drops and elimination is at stake. When asked to assess the offense and the balance they've shown lately, Lowe had nothing but good things to say about the Panthers who will host a playoff game next week as the No. 2 seed. “This is what we want. We want to do two things so teams can't pressure us or dominate us on the rush,” Lowe said. “I think we have a very good team right now and going into the playoffs, I'm really happy where we are.”  

The Campers have their work cut out for themselves: 

Although the Blue and White were defeated by Fort Hill last Saturday, the Campers will bring their hard hitting defense and potent offense to Carroll County next week in hopes of stopping the Panther run for the 1A West.

The Campers should be able to stop the Panther running attack and keep the Black and Red passing game in check.

The best thing for the Campers is to not take the Pathers lightly.  I do believe the Campers can and probably will win at NC, but the Blue has to be ready for all things.

The first thing is to work on ball control and stop the fumbling.  Work on sustained drives and hone that already stout defense even more and demonstrate to the Panthers that Allegany is for real too!

This could be a good game to go see Camper fans.  Its not a to far ride to Hampstead, MD, so many of you should be able to come.  North Carroll has a nice field.  If you go to their web site, they have a nice picture of it.  It appears to be a grass field...but nice available seating for both sides.

This is a big...big game for the Campers who have not seen the playoffs in the last couple of years.  A win this Friday will mean yet another shot at Fort Hill...and I know Allegany fans are looking forward to this as well.

So gas up your cars, break out you long johns and find some hand warmers, because the Campers are on the road and our boys need all of our support.  So lets be there for them.  7 p.m. Hampstead, Md...BE THERE! 


Flag at HC 2014
Sunday, November 9




Wholly smokes people!  Who would of thought that this homecoming game would be anything like this one was?

Most were saying Fort Hill by a bunch, some said a good game by both and of course most all said Allegany had no chance at all.

Well...after watching and announcing this game, the old saying that; "anything can happen at a homecoming game," is absolutely true.  Who would of thought the Campers could stick with the Sentinels?  Not many!  Who would of thought that it would be as close as it was...especially at the half?

Fumbles...fumbles and more fumbles could be blamed for the Alco demise in this game.  I think not.  The Sentinels had a lot to do with it as well.  Now every knows that the Sentinels fumbled too!  However, their mistakes were not a critical as those of the Campers who fumbled close to their goal line and in critical drives like those at the begining of the game.

The Big Blue Review thinks it was a very good game.  You talk about "hard hitting," that was the order of the day as both team suffered a hubbled player here and there.  But both teams just reloaded and kept on keeping on.

The Sentinels are a special team with many athletes who on any given play...could take it all the way.  However, on this day, be it the Homecoming game, the rivalry or just both teams being jazzed up, Fort Hill was not as potent as they have been throughout the season.  Credit the Camper defence or was it the juice of being in such a big game that kept it close...your guess.

Allegany's passing game was there all day, however, the Alco QB has to have time to make the the FH defense on that one.  Fort Hill's running game seemed to be held in check by the young Camper defense on most plays.  It was the Red and White big plays that sunk the Blue and White on Saturday.

It was not your typical Red vs. Blue game from the Big Blue Review stand point.  Much more conservative actions from both sides of the field.  No real routy demonstration from either side...just plain football being played.

The Fort Hill interception late in the game was the nail in the coffin for the Campers.  However, Big Blue continued to fight to the end.  It was clear from the opening offensive possesion of the Campers, that Allegany could play with and hang with Fort Hill.

Call it determination, pride, tradition or even luck, the Campers demonstrated that they had come to play and not be the annual whipping team they have been in the past years.

I was suprized that in the second quarter, the Fort Hill player that got hurt and stumbled badly on the FH bench actually came back into the ball game in the second half.  I know that it was the doctors call, however, if my best player and threat gets his bell rung like that, he hangs on the bench and comes out fresh next week in the playoffs.  Now that is just me and maybe his injury wasn't that big as it look like from the blue side of the field.

All things said, it was a good game on both teams part.  Good hitting and tackling throughout the game.  Big plays that made a differents and pretty good sportsmanship by both teams.

If the Campers can get by the North Carroll Panthers next Friday, the rematch with Fort Hill could be even more interesting.  Both have seen each other the adjustments will be critical for both sides.  It could be interesting...lets hope it happens in two weeks. 


2014 schedule updated
Saturday, July 12





Thursday, August 14




St. Charles High school

St. Charles High School is under construction and is scheduled to open to students in time for the fall 2014 school year at a location adjacent to the Regency Furniture Stadium off of Piney Church Road. It has state-rated capacity for 1,600 students, sits on a 99-acre site donated by The St. Charles Companies and will encompass about 269,000 square feet of learning space on four floors with 72 teaching stations. The school will serve as an anchor in the steadily growing planned community of St. Charles and will offer opportunities to students and the community that include environmental and natural resource management, technology, and current issues related to these fields of study. St. Charles High School will be the first high school opened in Charles County since North Point in 2005 and is the 7th high school in Charles County.

Athletic features include a football stadium with an eight-lane track; bleacher seating for 1,500 home/500 visitors; 14 fields including football, baseball, softball, soccer, field hockey and lacrosse – enough so that each team has a practice and varsity field, and eight tennis courts. The football stadium is directly behind the school itself.

The school mascot is the Spartans with their colors being Kelly Green, Navy Blue and White. The Campers will travel to St. Charles for the first game of the season on September 5 for a 7 p.m. game.

Camper fans…don’t overlook the Spartans as a new start up football program. St. Charles is a new school that will be redistricted as far as student population. Whereas, St. Charles will probably get some of the athletes from the likes of Calvert and the other school from the Southern Maryland Athletic Association which means the Spartans will be a little more to handle than most.

Chestnut Ridge, PA

Make plans to see this game at the stadium this year. Chestnut Ridge will come to Cumberland the week before to play Fort Hill at Greenway and turn around again the following week to visit Allegany as well. The Ridge gave both local schools a close game last year.

Fort Hill pulled out their game in the finals minutes of the game with a 21-17 win, whereas Alco lost an even closer game with a 21-16 loss.

Make no mistake, Chestnut Ridge will come to play. They have sort of had Allegany’s number lately. The Campers won at the Ridge two years ago. However, gone is the outstanding QB that Chestnut had as well as their outstanding running back. The Lions have always had a very good running game, but lately with QB Beau Bouch at the helm, passing has also hurt the Campers. Should be another good game and a good test for the Campers in game 2.

Mt. Ridge Miners

What can we say about the Miners? Who would have thought last year the Miners would come to Cumberland and dismantle the Campers at Greenway…but they did. The Miners have lost several of their leaders in the trenches and some of the talent at running back. However…they are the Miners of Frostburg and a local rival of the Campers. 

This game will be in Frostburg and as usual a hard hitting contest. Hopefully, the Campers will not overlook the Miners in 2014 and go to Miner Field and take care of business.

Keyser Golden Tornado

Last years close game with the Tornado was somewhat of a surprise to many, but the Campers went to Keyser to play football that night. If only a couple of turnover would of gone the other way and so on and so on. The Campers could have won that game and probably should of. However it was not to be for the Blue and White on that night.

This year the Golden Tornado come to Greenway for a September 26 game at 7 p.m. Allegany will have to jump on them early and not let up to get this, the longest rivalry game in the area with an 88 year consecutive rivalry between the local teams.

Silver Oak Academy

Another first for the Campers as we travel to Keymar, Maryland to take on Silver Oak Academy. Make no mistake here fans, Silver Oak is a school for Juveniles that have had brushes with the law and are one step away from visiting one of Maryland many prisons. The Academy is considered a last resort for many of these young men who play football.

Keymar is located just north East of Frederick, Maryland and not a bad drive for Camper fans. This is the same team that Fort Hill just kills in football for the last several years.

If you are going to this game, go early because I am sure there are not if any bleachers for sitting on the visitor side…so bringing a folding chair is recommended.

Southern Garrett Rams

This year the Rams will travel to Greenway in a Friday night game. The Rams have struggled in the last few years, but always seem to give the Campers a good, hard fought football game.

Coach Bosley is again back at the helm of the Rams team for the third time. Coach Bosley has inspired many very good Rams teams of the past and looks to do the same for them again.

MATHS…Maryland Academy of Technical and Health Sciences

What can you say about MATHS? They always have good athletes and always come to play football. The Campers have played MATHS for several consecutive seasons now and have won them all going away. The Campers however, cannot let down their guard as MATHS is the type of team with could sneak up on you and beat you if you play sloppy and with a “we can beat these guys” attitude.

This is another home game for the Campers…however this is a Saturday afternoon at 1 p.m. game at Greenway. attitude. however this is a Saturday afternoon at 1 p.m. game at Greenway.

Northern Garrett Huskies

Another longtime rival, the Huskies as do the Southern Garrett Rams come to play. Northern brings their game to every game. The Huskie problems of the past has been their numbers. Northern is a team that always gives the Campers a very good game until the Blue and White just starts to outmuscle or outnumber them in the course of the game. This is another Friday night game at Greenway for the Campers.


Towson came to Cumberland to play Allegany last season. They are considered a Maryland 3A classification. Last year’s game was very competitive and it took the Campers until the late third quarter to put them away. Towson is another of those teams with multiple talent. They love to play at Greenway and will be looking for another good game against the Campers.

Fort Hill

Not much more can be said for the Sentinels. They are the reigning 1A State Champions and are looking to run the table again in 2014. The Campers gave them a great homecoming game for 1 half, then the Sentinel speed and power running took over. This could be another run for the 1A west game between the two teams which as usual leads to another game the next week or two for the region championship.

Although the Sentinels are not as loaded with talent as they were last season, the Fort Hill football team is again regrouping for another great season.



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New Grid Iron Logo
Thursday, September 28


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Friday, June 15


Where have you been?  What are you doing?

The Big Blue Review has started a new section simply titled, "Where are they now."  The section is dedicated to those of us that have been a Camper.  This is a area where former players are on display.  Let us know what you are doing these days.

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