BHC Softball: Welcome

BHC Softball is back!

Welcome to  the BHC Adult Softball League!  This is a co-ed slowpitch league for adults 18 or older. 

All games are held at the Tumlinson Park ball field, right in our own neighborhood. 

Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, come out and play ball with your fellow BHC neighbors, family, and friends.  For registration please contact Tom at

Let's play ball!

For additionall information, questions, updates, or just to talk "smack", you can "friend" us on facebook at "bhcsoftball "


Congratulations to The Runs- 2013 Spring Ball Champions

Fall Ball 2013

Sunday Sept. 8

Naturals-9, Mighty Woodpeckers-3

Blockhouse Bums-10, The Runs-9

Pesky Flies-12, Ramblers-8


Sunday Sept. 15

Naturals-11, Blockhouse Bums-4

Ramblers-15, Mighty Woodpeckers-4

Pesky Flies-11, The Runs-10


Sunday Sept. 22

The Runs-9, Mighty Woodpeckers-5

Naturals-10, Ramblers-9

Pesky Flies-19, Blockhouse Bums-10


Sunday Sept. 29

Naturals-14, Pesky Flies-8

The Runs-14, Ramblers-12

Mighty Woodpeckers-16, Blockhouse Bums-15


Sunday Oct. 6

Naturals-15, The Runs-14

Mighty Woodpeckers-14, Pesky Flies-7

Ramblers-19, Blockhouse Bums-12


Sunday Oct. 13





                                                Wins           Losses                  Tie

Naturals                                  5                 0                           0

Pesky Flies                              3                 2                           0

Mighty Woodpeckers           2                 3                           0

The Runs                                 2                 3                           0

Ramblers                                2                 3                           0

Blockhouse Bums                  1                 4                           0