Flag Football: Welcome

2013 Flag Football Season

Flag Football

The games that were rained out on Saturday, September 6th will be made up this Saturday, October 18th.  The games that were rained out this past Saturday will be made up on Saturday, October 25th.

 K-1 Schedule:

10/18/14 9:00am Rams/Olenick vs. Cowboys/Lashley Southside Field
10/18/14 10:00am Seahawks/Tromp vs. Saints/Mann Southside Field
10/25/14 9:00am Saints/Mann vs. Rams/Olenick Southside Field
10/25/14 10:00am Cowboys/Lashley vs. Seahawks/Tromp Southside Field

2-3 Schedule: 
10/18/14 11:00am Ravens/Franco vs. Dolphins/Robertson Southside Field
10/18/14 12:00pm Steelers/Turner vs. Raiders/Nance Southside Field
10/25/14 11:00am Raiders/Nance vs. Ravens/Franco Southside Field
10/25/14 12:00pm Dolphins/Robertson vs. Steelers/Turner Southside Field



Remember that sportsmanship, safety, and fun are the most important factors of youth sports.