Girls Volleyball: Welcome

Friday, October 26
Boys and Girls Club Volleyball

2013 Volleyball

Congrats to all of our volleyball girls that played this year.  It was a great year for all involved:  players, parents, coaches, and officials!

4th-5th Champions:  Court Queens

4th-5th Finalists:  Block Party

4th-5th Sportsmanship:  Pure Energy 


6th-7th Champions:  Swat

6th-7th Finalists:  Frenzy

6th-7th Sportsmanship:  Swat 





Big thanks to our volleyball division sponsors this year! 

4th-5th - Friendship Community Care

6th-7th - First Bank 


Good luck to all players, parents and coaches this season.  I am looking forward to it being a great year! 


Remember that safety and sportmanship are the two most important parts of youth sports.