Boys and Girls Club Local Tackle Football: Welcome

Tuesday, October 22
2013 Football Season

Local Tackle Football

Outstanding job to all players, coaches parents and officials that helped make our local league possible this year.  Congrats to our league champions, the Spartans.  League runner-ups were the Trojans.  Also, congratulations to the Bulldogs who were our sportsmanship award recipients!



 Big thanks to First Bank for sponsoring our local league this year!!!


Our local tackle football league takes place here in Siloam Springs with all games on Saturday mornings.  We have a 6 game regular season followed by a single elimination playoff.  The league is comprised of 4th and 5th graders.  3rd graders have the option to try out for a team as well.  


Remember, the main goals are safety, sportsmanship, and fun.  Let's all work together to promote these three aspects above all.