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Burnsville, Minnesota


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Burnsville Fire Soccer U12 Bandits June 2003
Welcome To The Bandits Home Page

2003 MYSA / Chevy Cup State Tournament News

Bandits Rule! 2003 Chevy Cup
The Bandits made it to MYSA State tournament as one of 5 girls teams from the Burnsville Fire Soccer Club.

Our first game was against a scrappy team from Detroit Lakes. We were a little nervous in our first state appearance but ultimately we settled down to play our game and score two goals to beat Detroit Lakes. Detroit Lakes made it interesting at times with shots on goal but all were saved by our keepers. Final 2-0 for the Bandits.

Our second game, against Three Rivers Soccer (Elk River), proved very interesting. These two teams were very evenly matched and went scoreless for most of the game. Eventually, the Bandits scored off a free kick during the last few minutes of the game. Final 1-0 Bandits

In our third game, against Chaska-Chanhassen, we were very lethargic in the first half and could not mount any kind of a sustained attack. Chaska scored once before half time. In an unexpected twist of timekeeping by the refs, the half ended 5 minutes early but the refs realized the error and resumed the half by allowing 4 minutes of play before the true half time break. In the second half we came out fired up and played one of the best halves of soccer from our season. We scored once to tie the game. Final 1-1

Emotions were running very high for the fourth game as we realized we had a chance to advance to the state finals if we could beat the Blackhawks, and Detroit Lakes would beat or tie Chaska. (The Detroit Lakes/Chaska game was going on right behind us so we could keep tabs.)
Bandits scored first on a beautiful pass and finish. We were playing very aggressively and had numerous other opportunities but were not able to capitalize. (Meanwhile Detroit Lakes & Chaska remained tied.)
In the second half the Blackhawks put on pressure which we turned away until the last 5 minutes when they scored twice to take the lead. We switched to 4 forwards after they tied the score, but the Bandits were not able to put the ball in the net.
Final 1-2, Bandits lose. (Chaska scored in the last minute to beat Detroit Lakes, so even if we would have beat the Blackhawks, Chaska would go to the finals.)

I was very impressed by our full game effort. These Bandits certainly understood the significance of the game and the skills of the opposing team.

Thanks for all your great effort. 2 wins, a tie, & a loss was a very good result for our first state tournament appearance.

Thanks also for your good sportsmanship with the other teams and refs.


Ken Reis

Video Highlights to come.....

Watch this space!

Monday, July 21
Bandits Win South District Playoffs! Bound For State!

2003 South District Champions!
If the Bandits were superstitious their magic number would be 3. In the district playdowns for state, we scored 3 goals in each of three games to win the district championship. In addition 3 teams from Burnsville playing at the same site (Lakeville) won the right to go to state next weekend (11's-12's-13's) and if you add up the age designations and divide by 3 you get 12 which is our age! Scary!

Bandits first game was against Farmington, who unfortunately only had eleven players due to other conflicts. They played valiantly but in the end we wore them down with our tough play and sheer numbers. Final score 3-0 for the Bandits.

Our second game was against Eagan (4th place team in league). Again we controlled the play and Eagan had very few opportunities -- the ones they did have were scary, however. Final was Bandits 3 to Eagan 0.

The third and final game was the most nerve wracking for players and fans. For me the nerves started when my car would not start in my garage. Thanks to Eike's I made it to the game in plenty of time.

We had been battling Prior Lake indoors and out for the last year. We knew they would play well but were beatable, but we all were nervous nonetheless.

Prior Lake scored first on a nice rebound of a loose ball in front of the net. But as has been the trademark of the Bandits this year we never quit and we put in 2 quick goals to lead 2-1 at half time. The second goal came a few seconds before time expired in the first half.

Prior Lake put on lots of pressure in the second half but we were up to challenge by putting on pressure of our own. We scored a third goal to give that additional cushion. Prior Lake did not give up and a missed shot, and a couple of great saves by Lindsey kept Prior Lake from scoring. Final score 3 for the Bandits 1 for Prior Lake. Sweet!

After the final game, those who could went out for pizza to celebrate. HOORAY!

At an early team meeting we set 3 objectives for the team for the season:
       1. Win the league (we came in second by one point)
       2. If we did not win the league, to get enough points to go to C1 next year (WE DID)
       3. If we did not win the league, to win districts to get to state (WE DID).

Now for the 4th objective: TO WIN STATE and get the chance to shave Ken's hair.



Fun Filled Week At USA Cup!

Bandits At USA Cup Picnic
As usual the USA Cup week was filled with lots of excitement - some of it even related to soccer. The team appreciated the family support at Opening Ceremonies and those who could stayed to watch an exciting U17 boys National team game against Canada. Smoooooooooth soccer, especially the 14 year old phenom Freddy Adu. USA won 3-1.

The Bandits game on Monday started off in quite a fashion, playing after lightening & rain delays. As we have been doing all year we played C1 teams and held our own. The first game against Anoka (3rd place C1 in the North) finished in 0-0 tie. Both teams had opportunities but neither team could capitalize. The wet field was also a great equalizer.

On Tuesday, the Bandits played well against a team from suburban Denver but could never mount a serious offensive threat. To our credit the Bandits held Colorado to only one goal. Final 0-1 for Colorado.

On Wednesday, as we looked forward to a picnic with our meet-a-team from Brazil, the Bandits played to a 1-1 final against White Bear Lake. We played very well against this C1 team (3rd in the East) but an unfortunate penalty kick resulted in the tie. The wind also played a significant role in this game, blowing straight down the field so the team with the wind had a clear advantage in possession.

Our picnic with the Brazilian boys was well attended except for the Brazilian boys who could not find us in the softball pavilion. We were sad but ate the food and played kickball on the softball diamonds anyway. It was a good get together for all the families, even without the Brazilian attendance.

Bandits had Thursday off as a result of placing 3rd in the bracket -- this slotted us in the "B" playoff round. The day off gave us a chance to enjoy a chance to watch the Brazilian boys play and to have pictures with their team, especially one cute (Bandits description) goalkeeper named Rodrigo. They won the game over Tonka by hard play and hard shots.

Our final USA Cup game was on Friday against Sibley Sting (3rd C1 in south). We held them the two goals but could not score ourselves.

We had fun for the week, played some good soccer, had great weather after the Monday rains. What more could one ask for at one of the greatest tournaments around.

Ken Reis

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Thursday, June 26
Video: Chloe Pops One Over The Goalie

preview <-- Chloe's Goal

Thursday, June 26
Video: Linsey Sneaks One In The Net

preview <-- Linsey's Goal

SoccerBanner animated
Mens Team Received New Soccer Bags At USA CUP!

Very stylish aren't they?

What are these guys up to? Enter a caption below.

Look at how teenie tiny the hot dogs are!

Girl Juggling

Video: Papa Murphy's Signature Cheer!

preview <-- Papa Murphy's "Gooooo Bandits"


We Are the Champions

Burnsville Fire U12 Bandits
Burnsville Fire U12 Bandits
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