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Friday, February 24
Fallbrook opening day to bring out hundreds of players
By: TOM PFINGSTEN - North County Times Staff Writer

FALLBROOK ---- About 650 ball players will take part in opening ceremonies for two youth baseball leagues in Fallbrook today, kicking off the season for one of the area's most popular sports.

At a five-field complex dedicated solely to baseball, almost all of the roughly 500 players in the Fallbrook Youth Baseball League will play their first games after a 7 a.m. pancake breakfast. "The actual opening day ceremonies will begin at 9 a.m.," league President Jaime Devera said Friday. "We have Supervisor Bill Horn attending our ceremonies ---- he'll be saying a few words and then throwing out the first pitch to start our season." Devera said that Horn was invited to throw the first pitch in large part because he arranged for an $18,000 county donation to pay the lease for the next two years on the 10-acre parcel. Try-outs for the Fallbrook Youth Baseball League were held Jan. 28, Devera said. "They've been practicing since the second week of February, getting ready for (today). About 90 percent of the teams will be playing (today)."

Across town, at the historic Zeke Weaver Memorial Field next to the Boys & Girls Club of North County, the Fallbrook-Bonsall Little League will open its 2006 season with a carnival and tribute to the history of the field. Vivian Collins, president of the Fallbrook-Bonsall Little League, said Friday that crews have been working since January to renovate the field, where Fallbrook High School's baseball teams played in the 1950s. Collins said that in working nearly every day, volunteers have painted, replaced fencing, resurfaced the infield, moved lights and generally rescued the nostalgic field from its former state of disrepair. "Every surface here has been painted, including the pipes to the backstop," she said. "All the painting was done by the Marines, and they have applied close to $2,500 (worth) of paint."

While no games are scheduled for today at Zeke Weaver Field, Collins said, the opening ceremony will be a mix of fun and tradition, such as the reciting of the Little League pledge. "The high school team will be here in uniform, the historical society is coming down, the Marine Corps color guard will be here, and one of our players will be singing the national anthem," Collins said. Little League games will begin Monday night, she said.

The fields where Fallbrook Youth Baseball operates are at 2551 Olive Hill Road. Zeke Weaver Memorial Field, where the Fallbrook-Bonsall Little League plays, is at 445 E. Ivy St.

Thursday, January 26
Bonsall Little League moves to Fallbrook
By: TOM PFINGSTEN - North County Times Staff Writer FALLBROOK ---- It has been five decades since the Fallbrook High School Warriors played baseball on the field off Ivy Street now leased by the Boys & Girls Club of North County. But thanks to a deal between the club and a youth league from Bonsall, the aroma of chalk and leather and the snap of a ball hitting a catcher's mitt will once again be familiar at the site. About 150 baseball players from the Bonsall-Fallbrook Little League will open their season this spring at "Zeke Weaver Memorial Field," the Fallbrook-Bonsall Lilttle League's president said Monday. Vivian Collins said that she is pleased with the opportunity to begin this season near downtown Fallbrook after years of playing at Bonsall Elementary School. The league, which consisted of 15 teams last season, was displaced from the school after a capital improvement bond was passed in November to pay for facilities improvements. The field next to the Boys & Girls Club of North County has been relatively inactive for several years, Collins said, so it needs some work. She said the property belongs to the fire district, which leases the land to the Boys & Girls Club. The club, in turn, will lease the field to the baseball league on an annual basis. "I am really happy with that location ---- I think it's a great community resource that's kind of been neglected a little bit. We'd like to go in there, fix it up and play baseball," she said of the field, which is between the club's facility and the North County Fire Protection District's headquarters. "There's a lot of history there, so we're thrilled." Originally, the field was home to the Fallbrook High School Warriors, who played there before the high school was moved to its current site off Stage Coach Lane in the late 1950's. A line of old eucalyptus trees stands guard along the first-base line, while the property that formerly housed the Fallbrook train station is visible just beyond left-center field. Abe Oliveras, director of the Boys & Girls Club, said Monday that he looks forward to seeing the field in use again. "Right now the field is not being utilized to its potential," Oliveras said. "I'd like to see kids use it ---- that's what it's all about. Certainly, the Bonsall-Fallbrook Little League has a good reputation of keeping young bodies active and involved, and I'm sure what they'll be doing at the field will be constructive." The league has been penciled in for a new playing field within the proposed San Luis Rey River Park, a huge county preserve that would include space for athletic leagues in Bonsall. But that park will not be finished and ready for playing ball any time soon, as county officials are developing a crucial environmental report and buying property. "Ideally, we'd like to stay (at the Boys & Girls Club) for five years," especially after fixing up the old field, Collins said. "The infield needs new clay, we have to build a mound and set the bases. There are a couple of safety issues we need to look at ---- all the bare bones are there, it just needs to be renovated." Grading is being done for free by a local resident, she said, estimating that repairing the fences, painting the stands and laying a new clay surface on the infield will cost upwards of $10,000. Collins added that renovating the antiquated lighting system would be a much larger expense, and said that the league is seeking support from community members interested in seeing the historic field restored to its former glory. At a five-field complex south of town, Fallbrook Youth Baseball operates a more extensive network of teams that adheres to the Pony model of organized youth hardball. Little League is a separate organization that groups teams differently, Collins said. The two leagues draw from the same population of youngsters in the greater Fallbrook area, but each apparently has enough athletes to support itself. "Our boundaries include all of Fallbrook, and all of Bonsall and De Luz," Collins said, explaining why a move from Bonsall to downtown Fallbrook made sense. "About 70 percent of the children in our league have Fallbrook addresses. So, this is really going to be more convenient for the majority of players in our league." The league's 2006 season will begin at the Boys & Girls Club's field this spring, with sign-ups being conducted between 9 a.m. and noon Saturday at the club. T-ball, in which 5-year-olds swing at a ball on a rubber stand and then run the bases, costs $70. Participation on one of the older teams cost $90 for a season. "We also have scholarships; we never turn a child away," Collins added. To register a child for the Bonsall-Fallbrook Little League's 2006 season, call (760) 736-2736.

Sunday, May 23
Best of Action May 22nd

Monday, February 28
Honor, Integrity and Discipline Are all Part of the Bonsall/Fallbrook Little League

Heading into its 11th season,the Bonsall/Fallbrook Little League (BFLL) has an exciting season ready for the area’s young baseball players. Every season since 2000, the league has kicked off the year with a Friday night carnival for the players, their families and the community.

“Each team comes up with a game for everyone to play, and it’s a lot of fun,” says former league president Vivian Collins. “We try to keep the prices low because we want it to be a time for the players and their families to come out and just have a good time.”

The 2011 season is no different, as the league kicked things off with the traditional carnival on Feb. 25, followed by a full day of

baseball games on Feb. 26. Current league president Dev Colin says that

the beginning of a new season always stirs up the excitement of the players, coaches and volunteers involved with the league.

“We have a really unique situation in our league,” he says. “We have eighteen teams playing in our league, which is about a medium-sized league. But we’re part of District Seventy, which has already sent two teams to the Little League World Series in the past ten years. So we have some really stiff competition both in our league and especially once we leave the league.”

As a part of the largest youth organization in the United States, Little Leaguers in Fallbrook and Bonsall are learning about more than just base- ball.

“Everyone wants to go on to play in the major leagues, but realistically, we know that that’s just not going to happen very often,” Colin says. “Little League is a mentorship program. We teach our players that, to be a champion, you have to know how to win. And you win by playing with honor, integrity and discipline. We’re not just teaching them how to be successful in baseball, we’re teach- ing them how to be successful in life.”

To help each player achieve his potential on the field, the BFLL places players in a league based on skill level.

“Our placement is skill-based, so if you’re ten

we’ve been working on for eight or ten years now, and it’s like what Crusin’ Grand is for Escondido. You can come watch baseball in a classic stadium in a beautiful town, eat some great carne asada and spend a great afternoon with the family.”

The BFLL season runs from Feb. 26 through June 4, with games every Saturday except Easter week- end and Memorial Day weekend.

For more information about the league, visit the BFLL’s Web site at or contact league president Dev Colin by e-mail at or by phone at 760-630-4303.

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