Beth-Center Instructional Basketball League: Welcome

 K-1 end of season ice cream party is in the elementary cafeteria from 5:30-6:30 Friday, March 3rd


Elementary School Games Friday March 3rd

2/3 Girls WBG Red VS WBG Black 6pm

2/3 Girls BC BLue VS Bentworth 2  7PM

2/3 Girls Bentworth 3 VS JM Orange 8PM


Middle School Games March 3rd

4/5 Boys WBG Black vs WBG Red 6PM

4/5 Boys WG VS BC Blue 7PM

4/5 Boys BC Gray VS JM Gray 8PM 


  Saturday, March 4th Elementary

8 am 2/3 Boys BC Gray vs WBG BLack

8:45 am 2/3 Boys WBG Gray vs WG

9:30 am 2/3 Boys WBG White vs WBG Red

10:15 am 2/3 Boys JM Orange vs BC Blue


Saturday, March 4th Middle School 

  8am 4/5 Girls JM Black vs Bentworth 4

8:45 am 4/5 Girls WBG Black vs JM Orange

9:30 am 4/5 Girls Bentworth 5 vs WBG Red

10:15 am 4/5 Girls BC Blue vs BC Gray

11 am 4/5 Girls WG vs Winner of 8 am game

11:45 am 6/7 Girls BC Gray vs Cal Burg

12:30 pm 6/7 Girls AG vs Bentworth

1:15 pm  6/7 Girls JM Black vs WG Yellow

2 pm 6/7 Boys WBG Red vs WG

2:45 pm 6/7 Boys Cal Gold vs Cal Burg

3:30 pm 6/7 Boys BC Gray vs BC Blue

4:15 pm WB Black vs JM Orange 




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