Mark Berson's Carolina Soccer Camp: Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

 Which camp is right for me?

School of Excellence is the correct choice If you are looking to develop your technical ability and refine  your existing skills, offering an even balance between training and games.   If you have been to numerous skill development camps, our Prospect Camp will challenge your decision making and overall understanding of the game.  This camp emphasizes more competitive matches, but also features some training sessions.  If you are seeking the ultimate soccer experience our Identification & Super Elite Camp is the right choice for you.  This camp features a balance between competitive matches  and training sessions, and  includes classroom sessions and videotape analysis of players in match situations which will challenge the most skilled and motivated player.

Get your questions answered and be prepared for camp!

  • Physicals - Camp Insurance

    No camper will be allowed to participate without a completed application and consent form. Your personal insurance will be used as the primary coverage.

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    Directions to Camp

    Click here for MapQuest directions to the Bates House Dorm, 1423 Whaley Street, Columbia, SC 29225

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    What to Bring for all Residential Camps

    Soccer shoes with molded bottoms are recommended, rather than screw-in type studded shoes. Campers should bring tennis shoes also. Campers should bring pillow, pillowcase, towels, sheets, washcloth, soap, toiletry items, blanket, bathing suit, alarm clock, T-shirts and soccer uniforms for the entire stay. Linens will not be provided. Campers may bring phones for their rooms, although we cannot guarantee at this time the phones will be turned on. Phones will be available in the lobby to use a calling card or call collect. Campers may want to birng some spending money for snacks during the week. We have a limited number of camp T shirts and gear available for sale. A limited supply of camp balls will be available at a cost of $30.00. Most importantly, each camper must have a ball. Please make sure all items are clearly marked.
    All residential camps will be housed in Bates House dormitory. Two campers to a room. The phone at the Bates lobby is 803-777-9592.

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    What to Bring for all Day Camps

    Soccer shoes with molded bottoms are recommended but not required. Try to have your shoes broken in before camp. Campers should be dressed to play soccer each day: White T shirt (recommended), shorts, socks, shinguards, soccer ball, sunscreen, tennis shoes and water bottle. All items should be clearly marked. Please make sure every camper has a soccer ball each day.
    Full Day Camp We offer a swim session each afternoon. Campers may elect to swim or continue soccer training in the fieldhouse after lunch. If campers swim, they need to bring a swimsuit, towel and sneakers or sandals to wear. We have a number of campers who do not elect to swim, so we provide both options each day. Full day campers will receive a soccer sack pack at registration.
    Half Day Camp Half day camp concludes at 12:00 each day. We do not swim at half day camp. Campers receive a camp T shirt, but a soccer sack pack is not provided.

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    Transportation/Airport Shuttle

    Carolina Soccer Camp is located on the USC campus in Columbia, capital of the state. Columbia Metropolitan Airport is 15 minutes from campus. Camp shuttle service is complimentary, but must be reserved in advance. Please attach flight information to application. The best flight times are arriving at 2 p.m. on the first day and departing at 7 p.m. on the last day. Please see Procedures for Flying Into Camp section, and fill out Airport Flight Form if you are flying into camp.

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    Confirmation of Enrollment/Additional Information

    When registering online, you will receive an e-mail confirming registration.

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    Cancellation/Refund Policy

    If a camper is unable to attend camp, a $120.00 service fee will be charged ($50.00 for day camps). We can only provide a refund if we receive written (or email) documentation 72 hours prior to the beginning of camp that you will not be able to attend. After that time no refunds can be given. The application processing fee for each camp is not refundable.

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    Key Deposit/Roommate Policy

    A key deposit of $75 will be collected at check-in. it will be returned to you at check-out. You may bring a check or cash for us to hold. We can assign roommates, but only if both roommates request each other. Roommate requests cannot be guaranteed if made less than 14 days before camp.

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    Camp Ball

    Our official camp ball may be purchased for $30 and can be picked up at camp registration. Please indicate on your application. Supplies are limited.

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    Tuition includes all meals, overnight stay, and instruction but does not include a camp ball.

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    Camp Bank

    We will have a camp bank for all residential sessions. Campers will be able to withdraw funds during time when the store is open. The recommended amounts to bring will vary by individual but typically $30 to $40 dollars will cover the expenses of pizza snacks and vending machine drinks for the week.

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    Camp Store

    Our camp store features extra tee shirts and camp balls while available along with a limited number of soccer items.

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    Lost/Stolen Items

    All gear should be marked with the campers name. Lost or stolen items will not be replaced. Please prepare your camper to be mindful of his belongings and to report any missing items to a camp or dorm staff member as soon as possible.

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    Campers Driving Their Own Cars to Camp

    Campers who drive themselves will not be allowed to use their car while at camp. Cars will be parked for the entire camp period.

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    Arriving Early / Staying Late

    We do not provide dorm rooms for campers or staff who arrive early or depart late. Some nearby hotels with their phones are listed below. We do not offer shuttle service or pick up service to or from hotels. The Courtyard Marriott offers a shuttle pick up at the airport you should ask them about morning return to camp on campus. The contact number at the Marriot is 803-799-7800. Some other hotels in the area are:

    The Inn at USC 803-779-7779

    Hampton Inn 803-231-2000

    Embassy Suites 803-252-8700

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    Train Station or Bus Station Pick-up

    We do not provide this service. Please contact a local cab company . Checker Yellow 803-799-3311. Blue Ribbon 803-754-8163

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    Procedures for Flying Into Camp

    Please have your camper know how to call our office if their flight is delayed. Our number is 803-920-3312. Please check with the airline as to their procedures for unaccompanied minors. A Carolina Soccer Camp staff member will pick up the camper at the baggage claim area. Our airport is small, so he won't get lost. For the return trip, we drop campers off in front of the terminal. They should go directly in and check in. Please fill out and return the Airport Flight Form.
    It is understood that until the time we pick up your camper, he is still under your care. On the return trip, after we drop off your son as outlined above, he will be under his own/your care and is not longer the responsibility of camp. In the event of a missed/cancelled flight, your camper should seek assistance from airport personnel. Of course we will try to help in all cases.

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    Family Side Trips

    South Carolina is a beautiful state with exceptional recreational opportunites for your family to enjoy while your camper is with us. Some places of interest, all within 3 hours of campus, to get you thinking are:
    Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand area beaches Charleston and the Charleston area beaches Hilton Head Island and the beaches of Hilton Head

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    What type of supervision do you provide?

    All activities both on and off the field are supervised by staff members for their entire stay in camp. No one is allowed to leave campus or leave their group during camp. We have 24 hour security on duty in the dorms.

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    What type of campers attend camp?

    Our residential camps are designed only for serious, dedicated youth players with the desire to improve. We work hard in a 24 hour a day soccer environment. Teams train together, and players are grouped by age and skill in their training and games, so that 10 year olds and 18 year olds are not together. Day camp is often the first soccer experience for our young people. We start at the very beginning and work our way up through soccer basics to teach the very young and the intermediate player.

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    What do campers do in their free time?

    There is basically no free time. We provide nearly 10 hours a day of serious soccer training, and players are expected to be with their coaches the entire time.

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    Will attendance at your camp help a player get a soccer scholarship?

    No one can promise you a scholarship, but here's how we can help. Each player will leave camp understanding how the college recruiting process works, what college coaches are looking for in a player, and how to better present themselves as a college prospect in terms of the timetable of recruiting and their credentials, within the framework of NCAA rules. Players will be working with coaches and players from different colleges during the week and will have a chance learn about college soccer as well as showcase their ability.

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    Do you provide evaluations for the campers?

    Each residential camper receives an honest written evaluation from his staff coach indicating strengths and weaknesses in his game. We believe straightforward, honest feedback is necessary.

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    Can parents and coaches come to watch?

    All sessions are open and we encourage parents, coaches and friends to attend. Bring your video camera or other camera equipment.

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    Are teams welcome?

    Teams are welcome at all sessions of camp. We have had teams attend from Seattle, Dallas, New Jersey, Houston, Savannah Ga., Jacksonville Fla., Atlanta, Charlotte, Charleston, Greenville, Columbia, Huntsville, Knoxville, and other areas across the region and the nation. This is a highly competitive camp with one of the finest staffs in the nation.

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    Does my child need any special physical exam to attend?

    No physical examination is required. Campers must provide proof of insurance which is on the back of the application form. Both sides of the form must be completely filled out.

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    Registration Times / Camp Closing Times

  • Indentification & Super Elite Camp – Registration at 12 noon at Bates Dorm / Closing at 5:00 pm last day

    Prospect Camp - Registration at 12 noon at Bates Dorm / Closing at 5:00 pm last day

    School of Excellence Camp - Registration at 12 noon at Bates Dorm / Closing at 5:00 pm last day

    Team Camp Registration - at 12 noon at Bates Dorm / Closing at 5:00 pm last day

    Full Day Camp Registration 8:00 am - 9:00 am at Fieldhouse / Closing 3:30 each day except Friday at noon

    Half Day Camp Registration 8:00 am - 9:00 am at Fieldhouse / Closing at noon each day