U-10 Storm White: Welcome

Welcome to the Storm White Webpage !!

Hey Team White,

 Myself and my husband is looking forward to spending time with you and your kids this season.  We are farely new to this sport so if anyone has any suggestions let us know.  We invite anyone to help out.  We are looking forward to a great season.  Make sure that your kids bring their soccer ball to practice.  We will see you on the field.


Week 1  "Players of the Week":   Game 1   ADRIAN ESPARZA   Game 2  ALEX ESPARZA 

Week 2  "Players of the Week"    Game 1  RUSSELL CONARD   Game 2  WILLY FLORES

Week 3  "Players of the week"  Game 1  BAILEY SKELTON  Game 2  EAN BOLERJACK 

Week 4  "Players of the Week"  Game 1  AYDEN MOORE  Game 2  YERI VILLALOBOS



James & Christy Skelton