U-8 Storm White: Welcome


Welcome Storm Nation 

My name is Belci Arrizon and I am your coach for the 2015/2016 seasons.  I am looking forward to a great year.  I am all about having fun and learning this great game.  Be sure to be ready to have some fun.  Bring your soccer ball and be sure to wear your shingaurds to practice.  Mrs. Stephanie Fletcher is my right hand and between the 2 of us we are going to make sure that everyone is enjoying their soccer season.


Week 1  "Players of the Week":   Game 1  ANDRE ESPARZA   Game 2  Savanah Matthews 

Week 2  "Players of the Week"   Game 1  KEVIN ARRIZON  Game 2  NOAH HOUGHTON 

 Week 3  "Players of the Week"  Game 1  JEMELLE ADAMS  Game 2  JARROD CHANGUS

Week 4  "Players of the Week"  Game 1  ARLEY BIRCHFIELD  Game 2  BRYAN LOPEZ


 Coach Belci Arrizon