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2015-16 Team

Berlin has long enjoyed a strong wrestling program at the High School and Middle School levels. The Berlin Parks and Recreation Department sponsored the Berlin Youth Wrestling until 2004-05. The club as of the 2005-2006 season became a full member of USA Wrestling Connecticut.   We currently have 42 active members and 54 registered for 2015-16. We have wrestlers come from Berlin, Bristol, Cromwell, Hartford, Middletown, New Britain and Rocky Hill. We have also had members from  Glastonbury and Portland in the past.

This program was started to expand the interest to wrestling to the younger boys and girls who live in Berlin, CT. Over the year's many people have been involved and helped the program get to where it is today. We are open to boys & girls in grades PK to 8. We accept participants from all communities.

In 2001-02 we have reached a new record for participants. We finished the season with a total of 44 youth. Our 2004-05 team stood at 38 wrestlers. The 3rd and 4th graders were crowned Champions at the Marshwood New England Kids Championships in 2005. 2005-06 our roster consisted of 37 young athletes wrestling. 2007-08 we had record 62 wrestlers in the program.  We continued to grow in 2008-09 with 67 wrestlers registered. We had a record 92 wrestlers registered for the 2009-10. In 2010-11 we tied our registration record at 92 registered and 89 stayed active for the entire season. 2010 set another record for the club as we have a record number of female wrestlers in the program with 10. In 2011-12 with our move to Middletown for practices we dropped off to 53 wrestlers. In 2012-13 we had 44 active members. 2013-14 we had 38 active wrestlers. 2014-15 we had 38 active wrestlers.

Our matches were usually scheduled for Friday evenings. If you are interested in arranging a match contact Coach Moss via e-mail. We anticipate changing our practice nights with the availablity of Thursday nights this year.

The program is divided into two groups. The First and Second Year Wrestlers will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00 – 7:00PM. Then from 7:00 - 8:00 pm practice will be for all others.  There will also be an open mat practice for everyone on Fridays from 6 - 7:30 pm. This year practices will be held at McGee Middle School in the Cafeteria on the second floor.

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Tuesday, September 13
Most difficult Post To Write

Dear Members, Parents and Former Wrestlers,

This post is the most difficult to write and inform you that I will be leaving the Minutemen.  I have accepted a full time job in Morgantown, WV as Associate Director of Facilities, Park Maintenance and Park Development for BOPARC.

I have enjoyed my years with the program and we have accomplished a great deal over the years.  The lessons we teach as coaches reach far beyond the mat and I hope that the traditionals started will continue and news ones will be added.

I am leaving the program in good hands as Mark Mangiafico, Fred Orde and Dan Harding will be once again coaching.  Stepping up to handle some of the administrative duties will be Danielle and Ed Ebrihimi and Kathleen Ortiz.  I know that will do a great job just be gentle as they learn the ropes.

This year we are looking to have practices for beginners on Monday and Wednesday from 6 - 7:30 pm and for advanced on Tuesday and Thursday from 6 - 7:30 pm.  Those advanced wrestlers looking for more mat time and to be role models for the beginners may be allowed to attend the Monday/Wednesday practices as well.  It will depend on how many wrestlers we have and the final decision will be the coaches.

I wish the best to all the wrestlers and hope we have a few more state champions in years to come.

My email is still active at rogercrpa@yahoo.com should you want to get in touch with me.


Roger Moss 

Saturday, November 5
Interesting Article from National Wrestling Coaches Assoc.

Is a Crazy or Over-involved Parent Needed to Be an Elite Athlete? 

At the 2012 Olympic Games the athletes are not the only ones in the spotlight. NBC pointed its cameras at the athletes’ parents and their reactions during the competition. Whether it is Michael Phelps’ mother looking anxiety-ridden or Aly Raisman’s parents doing a humorous dance in their seats it has revealed that the parents of competing athletes go through the pressure, too. They certainly have a great deal of emotional investment in the competition. There is a popular sentiment in tennis – to develop a great player you need a crazy, over-involved parent; one that wants the wins and success maybe more than the athlete. Is this fact? Does an athlete need a person they should trust most in their life to be pushing, controlling, and criticizing their athletic pursuits? Unfortunately, we have seen the side effects of controlling, critical parenting with Todd Marinovich and Jennifer Captriati. According to an interview study Dr. Gould and I conducted for the United States Tennis Association it is not true. Of the nine professional tennis players I interviewed probably 6 or 7 had more positive experiences with their parents than negative (1). Therefore, you can be a positive sport parent and still help the child achieve greatness. Take Roger Federer and Pete Sampras for example. Their parents were involved but were always in the background allowing the player and the coach to be in the spotlight. Their involvement would be considered supportive but not over-involved. This result does not suggest you should avoid pushing as a parent. In fact, there needs to be an optimal level that is determined by the child’s goals for sport and willingness to be pushed. The tennis players interviewed talked about needing a parent to push them to get up in the morning, work hard, and make sacrifices. However, it was something that the player wanted not solely what the parent wanted. So, it comes down to the athlete making the choice to have the parent push them, otherwise it is pressure. How the parent pushes also matters. If it is negative, overbearing or controlling athletes tend to feel stress and have reductions in motivation. For example, the pro tennis players we interviewed often found parental reactions in the stands to be a distraction. Some players asked their parents to not attend because they made them nervous (1). I recognize that parents are in a tough situation. Athletes want their parents’ support and need it, but do not want to be pressured. The problem is young athletes often do not want to make sacrifices while chasing their dreams. The parents then force them to sacrifice certain things like time with friends to train which leads the child to believe the sport is most important to the parent thus creating pressure. If a parent is going to be very involved in their child’s sport then the best scenario is for the other parent to focus on other aspects of the child’s life to create balance. Furthermore, talk with your child about their goals for the sport and the level of involvement you will have to help them reach those goals. Finally, remember it is sport and not a career for most youth athletes. Keep it fun and positive. Common Belief: Elite athletes have over-involved parents that push, control, and criticize their child. Science Says… Elite athletes have come from less involved, positive parents as well as over-involved, negative parents. The differences are the negative consequences for the child-parent relationship as well as the athlete’s well-being. 1. Institute for the Study of Youth Sports. (2005). The role of parents in junior tennis success. Phase 3 Report for the USTA Retrieved on August 9, 2012 at http://www.educ.msu.edu/ysi/past_projects.htm

Saturday, November 5
2016-17 Boy and Girl Division Times Schedule

Category                     Year of Birth                     SKIN Check-in Time               Start Time                      Period Length               Paperwork Color

Mighty Mites              2011-2012                             7:45 – 8:30                               9:00 AM                            1-1-1                               Pink
Bantam                       2009-2010                            7:45 – 8:30                               9:00 AM                            1-1-1                              Yellow
Intermediate             2007-2008                            7:45 – 8:30                               9:00 AM                            1-1-1                              Blue
Novice                        2005-2006                           11:15 – 12:00                             12:30 PM                         1.5-1-1                              Green
Middle School            2002-2004                            11:15 – 12:00                            12:30 PM                          1.5-1-1                              White


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Friday, October 21
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Registration Form 2016
Friday, October 21
2016-2017 Minutemen Registration!!!

Registration for this year's wrestling season is here!! Join us starting 10/24/16 to register for this season! Follow us on Facebook (link attached- Minutemen Youth Wrestling) for more up to date information on Registration sessions. Throughout the season please utilize FACEBOOK for the most up to date information as this website is currently under construction and being updated. We can't wait to see all of you this season!!!!

Winter 2016-17 Tournament Schedule

2016-17 USA Wrestling Winter Schedule

                                Tournament 1         Tournament 2              Beginner Tournaments

Sunday 12/11/2016 New London Takedown

Sunday 12/18/2016 Bristol                  New Milford

Sunday 1/8/2017 Southington            Danbury                           Colchester (Beginner Tournament)

Sunday 1/15/2017 Trumbull               Montville

Sunday 1/22/2017 New Fairfield       Somers

Sunday 1/29/2017 Killingly                Ledyard

Saturday 2/4/2017                                                                               Southington Beginners Tournament

Sunday 2/5/2017 South Windsor       Husky-Howl

Sunday 2/12/2017 MM & Bantam State Championship (Stamford)

Sunday 2/12/2017 Wethersfield Regular Tournament

Sunday 2/19/2017 Qualifiers: Bristol, Danbury, Killingly, Milford

Sunday 2/26/2017 State Championship Hill House High School

Sunday 3/5/2017 Girls State Championships and 2nd Chance States (New London)

Sunday 3/12/2017 Bethel