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All BENVA Games played at Everett Activity Center!

BENVA Fall 2017 Tournament
Tournaments sheets are in their respective days and league, so go to the tab on the left to find and print it out for tonight's games.
BENVA Winter 2018 Season Registration
Tuesday Night leagues will now be Co-Ed, so the teams will require at least one female to have all six players allowed to play on the court at the same time.  Should the team have no females there can be only five players on the floor at on time.
New Roster & Waiver Form have been place in Handouts tab.  This updated form will be required for all teams to fill out and turn in.  Any older versions of this form will not be accepted.
   Fall 2017 Season Winners
Tuesday A: 
Tuesday B: 
Tuesday C:
Wednesday A: 
Wednesday B: 
Wednesday C:
  Fall 2017 Tournament Winners
Tuesday A: 
Tuesday B: 
Tuesday C:
Wednesday A: 
Wednesday B: 
Wednesday C:
Byes Weeks if Applicable for current Season
Week # 

Tues A


Tues B



Weds A


Weds B


BENVA Halloween Costume Contest
  Please scroll down below to see phots of fellow BENVA members in costume.  Thanks to all who participated.
What is going on year round?
Want to know what Season we are currently in, when next Season's Registration is open, forgot when Tournament is, or many other date specific events?  Look to the Tab on the left "BENVA Year Round Information".  This will help provide most important information required.  Still not getting all your questions answered see below for who to contact.
Duties of Officers
President: Aaron O'Dell
A. Preside at all business meetings.
B. Be chairperson of the Executive Board.
C. Call extra business meetings to appoint committees not otherwise provided for and fill protem vacancies as specified.
D. Preform such other duties as the office may require.
E. Perform the duties of Vice President in their abscence.
F. Review the monthly bank statement with the treasurer.
Vice President: Rob Bethlenfalvay
A. Oversee and coordinate the efforts of all major committees.
B. Perform the duties of the President in their abscence.
Secretary: Agnes Blom-Schieber
A. Keep minutes of all the Executive Board and other business meetings.
B. Maintain an up-to-date roster of members.
C. Notify members of all club meetings as specified.
D. Maintain all required documents of the club.
Treasurer: Carolina Pagan
A. Keep an accurate account of all finicial transactions of the organization.
B. Be responsible for all funds of the organization and recieve and disburse all money subject to the will of the Executive Board.
C. Disbursements shall be made by check only.  A checking account will be set up and and no check will be honored by the bank for payment unless signed by the Treasurer, such signature to be countersigned by the President or one other elected officer of the organization.
D. Maintain accounts and render monthly finiancial statements of the organization.
E. All finicial records shall meet specifications set by Boeing Recreation.
F. Review the monthly bank statement with the President.
G. Review the finiancial records with an officer or club member upon request.
BENVA League Reps
Tuesday A: Eric Bueser
Tuesday B: Jalal Nabavinejad
Wednesday A: Tim Pidgeon
Wednesday B: Open (Aaron O'Dell)

Prize Announcements:
Announced at the Summer All Captains Meeting was the decision to not honor prizes from 2011 and prior after the completion of Fall 2012 Season.  So after November 21st prizes for 2011 and earlier will not be awarded.  Please go to the Prize List file to see if you are owed any prizes.  
Go to tab on left "Prize List".  Please contact your League Rep with your order and they will be pulled from inventory to be delivered shortly. 


To Be Added to Available Players List

To be added to the Available Players List please contact the BENVA Webmaster at

The list is used to assist teams in need of players to form a new team or help get onto a team when there is a need for more players.  It is not for assigning you onto a team for the season. 

Please provide NameNight (Tuesday/Wednesday) you wish to play, League (A/B) you want to play in, skill level, Hitter (Y/N), Setter (Y/N), willing to captain a team (Y/N). 

Example Format to ensure correct information is input into Available Players List:

Name: John Doe

Phone: 867-5309

Night: Tues

League: B

Skill Level: Inter

Hitter: Yes

Setter: No

Captain a Team: No

You must be a Boeing Employee, direct family member of an employee (wife, son, daughter, husband, mother, father),a Boeing Contractor, or Boeing Retiree.  

A League is for players who have Intermediate to Advanced skill levels.

B League is for Beginners to Intermediate skill levels.

Games are played on Tuesday and Wednesday night from 5:30 pm to 7:30 PM.  

Once again email your request to  

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Halloween 2014

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Halloween 2015