Ben Davis Youth Baseball: 2013 Divisions

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Ages 10*-12 (as of April 30th).
Regulation Little League Rules.
*Play-up, Dependent on Evaluation.

Ages 9-10 (As of April 30th).
100% Kid Pitch.
Base Stealing.

Ages 7-8 (As of April 30th).
1/2 Kid Pitch - 1/2 Coach Pitch.
No Stealing.

Pee Wee
Ages 6*-7 (As of April 30th).
Coach Pitch (7 Pitches or 3 Swinging Strikes).
* With Previous Baseball Experience.

Ages 4-6* (As of April 30th).
Coach Pitch/T-Ball (After 5 Pitches, Hit From Tee).
3 Inning Games.
*With No Previous Baseball Experience.