Beith Juniors FC: Squad

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   # Management: Position:
      John Millar  Manager
      Steven Convery "Con"  Coach
      Derek Rhoddan "Deco"  Coach
      Tam Miller  Coach
      Iain Anderson  Physio
   # Player: Position:
      Stephen Grindlay  Goalkeeper
      Kevin MacDonald  Defender
      John Sheridan "Shezza"  Defender
      Andrew McGregor  Defender
      Zander Ryan  Defender
      Josh McArthur  Defender
      Euan Clarke  Defender
      Iain Fisher  Defender/Midfielder
      Nicky Docherty  Defender/Midfielder
      Tommy Martin  Midfielder
      Paul Frize  Midfielder
      Calum Watt  Midfielder
      Richard Burke  Midfielder
      Jamie Wilson  Midfielder
      David McGowan "Div"  Midfielder/Forward
      Darren Christie  Midfielder/Forward
      Thomas Collins  Forward
      Kenny McLean  Forward
      Andrew Reid  Forward
      Stephen O'Neill  Keeper-unavailable due to work
      Jamie Campbell  Mid - t/f to Greenock
      Ross Fisher  Def - recalled Loan to Clyde
      Macaulay Wilson "Mickey"  Defender-returned to Airdrie
      David Donnelly "Dubbo"  Defender - released
      Steven Mckeown "Steg"  Midfielder-Released