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Friday, July 5
Chat with Manager John Millar

A chat with Manager John Millar on his return to the club, relegation and plans for this coming season.

Iain Ashcroft has left the club for personal reasons, can you tell us more about Tam Miller his replacement?

JM - I've known Tam for years, through football and through his son and from his junior playing career. He's a very similar character to Ashy and is a good motivator and I think he'll be a good addition. We all wish Ashy and his family the best.

You left Beith two years ago and now you're back at the club since Frank left, care to clear things up for people?

JM - Sure, first of all I heard and read all the rumours and I never left with any intention of going to another club. I had issues going on at home and it was time to put my home life first after having football as my priority for 25 years straight. It had been a long season with things going on but I can assure you there was no fear of not being able to rise to the challenge of re-building the midfield. I don't feel I left the club in the lurch and responsible for the downturn as when we left there was two good keepers, Andy and Kenny up front and the defence was all intact with just the midfield needing replaced. I am back for the long haul while the club wants me and I'm aware it may take a few seasons to get the team back to where we all want it to be again and that will take work but myself and the coaches are all looking forward to it.

Obviously relegation was disappointing to say the least & knowing we would have stayed up if we'd have got two points from our last two games is frustrating. What's your thoughts now on this?

JM - When we were offered the job we looked at it and it looked more than likely that we would be relegated and we went into with our eyes open that we would more than likely be in the First Division. That being said we got close after we won our first three games but the Glens game in particular killed it for us. We were playing a team on a long unbeaten run and were a goal up and playing well but we lost a goal at half time and then the stramash at the end and getting caught with a sucker punch was hard to take. Especially with it meaning we lost Div, Kenny and Skid for the Shotts game. We were down to the bare bones with barely a full team fit and couldn't risk having a friendly in case of more injuries. Shotts were a decent team but ultimately we just weren't good enough.

Tell us about your new signings and how the squad is shaping up.

JM - You just needed to look at the league table to see where things were going wrong and that was we were conceding too many goals. Now in my opinion that wasn't just down to the defence it was due to nearly every single other team having more possession than us, more possession means more chances and more goals usually. There was a glaringly obvious problem in midfield and hopefully we have started to address that. Joe Bradley is a major signing, he'll take the ball a run and relieve pressure on us, Andy Gibson on the right side likes to take players on and score goals. Frize is a box to box player and there should be more energy in the midfield this year. David Donnelly comes from Campsie Black Watch after having played for Harmony Row and is a big tall player who can play centre back, sweeper and maybe midfield. Zander Ryan, I've known for years and actually signed him for Johnstone Burgh when he was 16 from Bailleston and he's a great player and guy. We're probably looking at getting another couple of midfielders in and another striker in.

Message for the fans?

JM - This year is going to be difficult for the fans and for the club. This season we need the fans more than ever to help us get back to the Premier. We need good vocal backing. We're bringing good players in and players who will entertain you and not just play the ball back to front. We're aiming for promotion and aiming to entertain at the same time. There will be a lot of games where we will have more fans than the opposition and we need to make those numbers count for atmosphere. 



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