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Friday, January 18
Q&A Session with Manager Frank Lynch

A very enjoyable chat with Frank, here are the Questions and Answers. 

Q - How has the club changed since your first spell as Manager?

A - Well I was very impressed in my first spell work and effort put in by the committee and supporters to help drive the club forward. I can only say it has now been taken to a new level and everything possible is done for the players and management staff to ensure all they have to worry about is what happens on the park.

Q - If you were allowed to choose one player from your first spell to bring in?

A - I'd prefer to pick two but if forced to choose one it would be Brian McKeown over Martin McGarvey purely for the reason that Brian can play 3 or 4 positions equally as well to a very high standard. With regards to Martin McGarvey, over all my years in football he's probably the best junior I've ever worked with in terms of skill, professionalism, attitude and work rate.

Q - How is the mood in the dressing room?

A - It has been really good so far. I can see the longer they stay together they will evolve as a group even more. Anything asked of them has been done and they've helped keep the intensity high at training.

Q - How difficult is it to bring new players in mid season?

A - Very difficult and I've spoken to a number of players. Having not seen the team since last season and from the results I thought it would be easier to improve the team. However it is harder than you think to improve this team as the quality is there although I do know where the improvements are needed and no point in glossing over that. The only players you will get at this time of year is those that have fell out with their clubs, now of course there are varying reasons for this but you need to be careful and do your research. You also have freedom of contract coming at the end of the season and you don't want to get a stop gap that doesn't work out and you waste the club's money if they leave at the end of the season. The other alternative is putting them on a longer term contract, but again that is a bigger risk for the club.

Q - Meaning no disrespect to the previous management but is there anything in particular you've tried to change?

A - To be honest, I don't know how the previous management worked but that wouldn't alter my approach anyway. I came in with my own set of ground rules and followed the football ethos I believed in and thus far 99% of the time the players have adhered to that and worked hard.

Q - Of course the league is the priority, but does the Scottish hold any special memories for you?

A - Without a doubt, in particular when I won it as a coach with Arthurlie in 1998. Simply there is nothing better than winning football games and if you think about it, we are currently 4 football games away from playing in a Junior Cup Final. Outwith Shotts who at this time last year would have thought they would have won the Scottish? In 90 minutes with our best XI on the park there is no-one we need to fear on our day. Having said that I'm continually looking to add to and improve the team.

Q - Do you have anyone out scouting future opposition?

A - Raymond does that as does Ken Rodgers and we get a full report on how a team sets up and plays including free kicks etc I do already have a good knowledge of the West teams myself and how they set up. John Millar has also offered his help should we require it.

Q - Have you set a points total that should guarantee survival or are you working on one game at a time?

A - Working on one game at a time and the way fixtures are issued currently that helps us do that without getting too far ahead of ourselves. With regards to points targets it is commonly accepted that 28 points is the holy grail that will get you safety like it is 40 pts in the Premiership. This year it may be more or less due to how competitive it is.

Q - The league other than the top 4 is very close this year, any surprises for you?

A - Not really to be honest. There is two in the race for the Championship in Talbot and Petershill and Clydebank and Rob Roy have got enough there to avoid being dragged into the dogfight. Everyone else is fair game at the moment.

Q - Predictions for the top 3 from the Super First?

A - Kilbirnie will win it, they've got a better quality of player with the likes of David McGeown there and that will tell. The other two I think will be Hurlford and Largs in whichever order.

Q - A question from the fans..a hotly debated question it would seem...One Direction or The Wanted?

A - Haha - One Direction without a shadow of a doubt. (Your favourite member?) Due to my Irish roots the wee Irish guy of course.

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