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Tuesday, January 15
Player Profile - Kris Irvine

Question 1 Name
Answer 1  Kristopher Irvine
Question 2 Nickname
Answer 2  Albino
Question 3 Date of Birth
Answer 3  03/04/91
Question 4 Favoured Football Position
Answer 4  Right Mid or Left Mid
Question 5 First Season at Beith Juniors
Answer 5  2012-13
Question 6 Previous Clubs
Answer 6  Celtic, Dundee Utd, Kelty Hearts, Clyde
Question 7 Occupation
Answer 7   Unemployed, open to any job offers!
Question 8 What other Junior Player would you bring to Beith
Answer 8   Carlo Monti - decent player
Question 9 Favourite Player when you were younger
Answer 9   Henrik Larsson
Question 10 What do you want to achieve with Beith?
Answer 10  Present - keep winning games and make sure we stay up
Question 11 Best goal you've scored or Best goal ever
Answer 11   Celtic u15s, scored the winning penalty v Feyenoord in a tournament in Belgium to get to the final.
Question 12 Who are the Best and Worst Trainers at the Club?
Answer 12   Best - Chris Mackie, Worst - Cal
Question 13 Team you most enjoy playing against & for what reason
Answer 13   Whatever team Nicky is in at training - man down!
Question 14 Who's the most intelligent player at the club, and the least?
Answer 14   Most - Calum Hardie, Least - Gary Wild
Question 15 Favourite Dressing room prank or Funniest Football moment
Answer 15   Wildy phoning Jay saying he was the new gaffer and does Jay want to be skipper?
Question 16 Best game you've played in ?
Answer 16   Last season at Celtic v Real Madrid, great experience won 2-1
Question 17 Most memorable achievement in football / Honours won
Answer 17 Winning player of the tournament in Italy
Question 18 Who is the Most Skilful and Who is the least Skilful Players at the Club?
Answer 18 Most - Andy Reid, Least - Skid (sorry mate) no longer got a lift to training!
Question 19 Who's got the worst dress sense at the club?
Answer 19   Got to be Cal, reversible body warmer and black scuffed loafers

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