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Tuesday, December 11
Q & A Session with John Boal

Q - Once again the club have improved facilities off the park, with the upgraded kitchen and executive room. Well done for this, what benefits have you seen from this so far?

A - Difficult to gauge the benefits yet. What I can say is the that the old facilities were outdated and would be condemned by Health & Safety and Hygiene. The cost of this was substantial to both myself and to Margaret Jackson. The toilets will now allow us to hold functions in the hall. The televisions and artwork which is being done will help us to attract potential sponsors.

Q - We all enjoyed our Scottish Cup adventure, off the park what is the club's view on the entry level licensing requirements that would enable us to compete each year in the Cup?

A - The club are the only junior team in Scotland to have achieved a GOLD  award for community involvement. This is one step ahead of Cumnock and two steps ahead of Talbot. Next year we will achieve the LEGACY award which is the one below entry level to the SFA. A lot of hard work has gone in to achieve this from various people. We were presented with this at Hampden on Friday night.

Q - There was a small amount of criticism regarding taking the Sportsmans Dinner out of the town. Could you expand on the reasons for doing that so they might understand the decision?

A - The reason we made this decision was because we had loads of complaints about the food, service and surroundings when held in the hall. In an attempt to please the majority we took the decision to move it out of the town. 75% of the attendance is from outwith the town anyway. We even supplied free coach travel. Everyone who attended agreed that there was no comparison with the Community Centre.

Q - We've got fans who don't have a lot of money and maybe don't have the time to join the committee, what things could they do to further help the club?

A - First one is to really try being more positive. What we need is hard work, effort and enthusiasm. Try and help the club in some way rather than constantly being critical. A small example of this is sorting the pitch after a match or even turning up early on a Saturday to  help prepare for a game. Be pro-active! Sell raffle tickets or buy a lottery ticket. These same people expect the best players but do absolutely nothing to try and assist us getting them.

Q - Fundraising and sponsorship are obviously critical to the success of a junior football club. Is this something you'd prefer left to the committee or would you welcome non-committee members helping in these matters?

A - I would prefer if everybody did their bit. There are some right now who are not on the committee but help to raise money in other ways. Ground advertising, match sponsorship, join fundraising club etc 60% of Talbot's games are sponsored by groups of fans! Meadow held a collection two weeks ago and got over 50 people to join their monthly club in under an hour. We have thirty four in total!!

Q - Somebody wants to join the committee, what should they expect?

A - The only thing they should expect is to be part of striving for success for the club and NOT personal glory or gratification. The word committee means exactly that. I would expect a member to be reliable, hardworking, honest and forward thinking.

Q - If Beith draw Kilbirnie in one of the cups has there been a decision already made about a potential venue change or will it revert to normal?

A - It will revert to normal, the measures that were taken only applied to last season.

Q - Your favourite moment at the club in the past year?

A - Managing to make ends meet at the end of last season which was remarkable considering our fundraising and sponsorship had diminished and attendances dropped due to a poor season. People don't realise that BJFC are punching above their weight and it's all down to the efforts of a select few. However, I'm ambitious and as such I would never settl for aiming at less than the very top. If you try you might not get there but if you don't then you definitely won't!

Q - Anything else you'd like to say to the fans?

A - Support the club and be enthusiastic. It's your club after all.