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Friday, November 19
Interview with John Millar before the Airdrie game

Q - Do you think recent results will be a factor for this game?

A - No, as even though we've lost two games we have actually played well in both games and I'd be more concerned if we'd played poorly in both games. Obviously we need to tighten up defensively on those performances and we have worked on that in training. We had so many chances in the Petershill game it is unbelievable we didn't score. As for the Rob Roy game, that was a great advert for junior football and we looked tremendous going forward but lost a couple of slack goals. Fair play to Rob Roy for coming out and attacking us as much and they got their rewards for doing so.

Q - Will you be going with a different formation to play against Airdrie?

A - I did consider that for a good period of time but have came to the conclusion that we are best playing to our own strengths and not being defensive and give it our best shot playing our own way. If the game dictates that we need to change or adapt then we will do that but it is not our initial plan.

Q - Do you think the 4g artificial pitch will be a factor in the game?

A - Initially I thought it would be but those fears have been allayed by our training session there on Thursday night. The players looked comfortable on the surface and it is a lot better than I thought it would be and is superior to the Petershill surface we have played on previously. I'm not a big fan of artificial surfaces but I don't think it wil have much bearing on the game with it being a wide park I hope that will help our attacking players and our fitness certainly won't be lacking either.

Q - What do you know about Airdrie United?

A - They are a young team with the vast majority of their back four being experienced and the young keeper Ridgers is meant to be very good. They have two quick wide men and the middle two sit in midfield and pull the strings from there, whether they change from that for playing us is another matter. The young lad Ryan McCord on loan from Dundee Utd is a top player but he is injured so he may not play.

Q - What does this game mean and do you think it has been a distraction from the league campaign?

First of all I think it would be too easy to blame the two league defeats on this game as we've not prepared any less for those games and I didn't see any lack of effort from the players either. Will the game have been in players heads the last few weeks? Probably but that is only natural but I can assure the fans we are not taking our eye of the important junior games ahead of us!

Clearly the game means a lot and probably more so for the Beith fans and the players and from what I hear Beith is absolutely buzzing in the build up to the game and I hope every one of them enjoys the occasion.

Q - How do you deal with telling the players who miss out on the matchday squad?

It is a very difficult thing to do and not pleasant and I don't imagine anybody would enjoy doing it. Before in the first two rounds when we there have been four or five sitting out I've left it to reading out the team in the dressing room. For this game due to injuries and suspension there will only be one or two missing out so I may well pull them aside beforehand and explain to them.

Q - Message for the fans?

A - Get up there in big numbers and make a lot of noise backing the team and obviously ensure you are well behaved. Then with your backing you will see every one of the players giving their absolute all for the cause!




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