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Tuesday, September 1
Bellsdale Code of Conduct

Per directives from the SJFA and Strathclyde Police we would like to remind you of the code of conduct expected at Bellsdale.

Code of Conduct

Football is a family sport and the safety and enjoyment of all supporters is of paramount importance.

Please encourage the players, respect the match officials and help to create a great atmosphere.

Alcohol is not allowed inside the ground. 

Threatening behaviour is not acceptable.

Racist, sectarian or discriminatory abuse is not acceptable.

These regulations apply at all matches and mean that unacceptable conduct by supporters will lead to the club being penalised whether is by fines and/or loss of points

If you hear of someone behaving in an inappropriate manner, putting the club at risk, report them anonymously or otherwise.

Fans who do behave in an inappropriate manner, bringing the club into disrepute will face limited or lifetime bans and/or arrest by the Police.

Please note the pay gates will now close at half time and admittance into the ground afterwards is only permitted by authorised persons, any unauthorised spectator admitting anyone into the ground faces ejection for remainder of the match themselves.

The gates will open for supporters to exit the ground just prior to full time. If you require to leave before then please speak to a committee member who will be more than happy to assist you.


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