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Wednesday, October 12
Beith Juniors Supporters Travel Club

Beith Juniors Supporters Travel Club



Over recent years Beith Juniors have benefited from the efforts of some fellow fans that have organised buses to many of our away cup-ties. The buses have been very well organised and generally well used and a vote of thanks is due once again to those involved.

We are aware that some other clubs are able to run supporters buses to all of their away fixtures and there would appear to be a growing interest amongst many of our fans in setting up our own Travel Club.

In order to get this venture off the ground we invite fans who have a genuine desire to commit themselves to the idea by contacting us as soon as possible, as it our intention to have it up and running by the week ending 22nd October providing the interest is there.

The clear aim of the club would be to provide transport to all of Beith’s away fixtures as cheaply as possible with no desire to have any real surplus or profit with the exception of Kilbirnie and Dalry.

We envisage the club being financed by weekly subscriptions from its members, with this being set at around £2.50 each week (Little more than the price of a pint.)The only stipulation being that should you not attend the away fixture you would still be committed to paying your weekly fee?

In the first instance the club will be run by named individuals but thereafter by nominated elected committee members, there will be a network of collecting and seat booking agents that will be responsible to their own group of members.

If you feel that you would like to commit to supporting this proposal please give your details t

Sam Kerr (506198) or  Robbie Sanderson (504568)    

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