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Tuesday, January 11
For those of you from Beith or know their way about the town, Beithopoloy might just be for you !!

3 Enterprising young gentlemen from Beith - McD, Craig Dickie & Mark Sneddon have developed the Beith version of another famous game.

I've had the pleasure of playing this game over the holiday period and I can assure you the board is very well put together, all with the relevant cards all with information particular to Beith. All the main streets of the town are included along with famous landmarks of the town. Yes, you can in fact buy Bellsdale in this game !

Although with one of the chance cards saying Beith take a hammering a Scottish and you having to roll the dice to get the score, it's not always a nice thought! Even the Wee Hut is mentioned in the cards, you can even return bottles and get some cash.

There is no go to jail in this game, in fact it is "Go to O*c*r's hoose" (name obscured for copyright purposes).

This is in fact a very good game and at the very least will bring a smile to your face!  If you are interested in playing a game of this or even better buying your own board, then please contact Mark Sneddon - you'll see him at just about every Beith game. You won't regret it !

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