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Mighty All Over The World
I'm looking to start a new feature on the site. Pictures of Beith fans from all around the world. Whether they work there or merely on vacation, send me pictures of people with scarves or Beith tops on from anywhere in the world outside of Scotland and if it is near a well known landmark even better.

So send them in from Texas, New Zealand, Bermuda, Australia, Tenerife, Crete or even Blackpool!

To start it off, here is a picture of my Canadian friend Dave Rogina, who got to become a Beith fan whilst working with me in Bermuda and here is him standing in Canberra, Australia outside the parliament house. He was playing Ice Hockey for the Canberra Knights out there and is hoping to get to see the Mighty in action in the next couple of years.

Ok next up is a picture of a Beith top at Niagara Falls in Canada.

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